See You in the Future With Return of EPCOT Limited Release Posters

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All Poster Image Credits and Epcot Logo Credit: Disney

If you love EPCOT as I do, you probably like to bring a piece of your favorite Disney park home. Now, Disney has made that easy.

Thanks to shopDisney, you can purchase EPCOT Limited Release Posters to hang your favorite EPCOT area or attraction on the wall. As you look through the designs, they may seem familiar. Well, instead of looking into your future, you are looking into your memory of Disney merchandise past.

Credit: Disney

Return of Popular EPCOT Posters

Last year, Disney released a handful of EPCOT area posters featuring the new and classic EPCOT experiences as well as EPCOT Forever posters. These new neighborhoods, which were previously announced at the D23 Expo in 2019, will transform EPCOT in its upcoming historic remodel. The EPCOT attractions and experiences posters are back by popular demand, but this time they will look a little different.

According to Disney Parks Blog, these screen print posters will now be available on black archival paper and feature glossy, metallic art finishes. Also, instead of limited edition EPCOT posters, these will be limited release posters.

The limited-edition prints will come out slowly over the next few months with one poster per month. These will be 24 x 36 inches in dimension. When a new one debuts, Disney will remove the prior month’s poster. However, now Disney fans can collect every print without worrying about missing out. In addition to this new release of old merchandise favorites, Disney is offering open edition versions of the posters as well. These limited release versions are smaller (14 x 18) in black matting. These open edition prints will be available each quarter.

EPCOT Limited Release Posters

Journey of Water limited edition poster
Credit: Disney

For this month, the 24 x 36 limited edition design is based on the upcoming Journey of Water experience that is inspired by the Disney film Moana. As previously mentioned, this design will be available as this month’s design and will be removed when it is time for next month’s design in the collection. The EPCOT Limited Edition Posters will be priced at $99. Don’t miss out if you are looking forward to this EPCOT experience in the reimagined EPCOT! To purchase this poster, visit the shopDisney product detail page here.

EPCOT Open Edition Posters

EPCOT posters
Credit: Disney

Which designs will be available in the full collection? We can see the upcoming designs on the Disney Parks Blog, which you can check out here.

There will be seven designs in total. Some are already available in the 14 x 18 open edition collection. These designs will cost $39.99 each in the open edition format. If it is available this quarter, we have linked the shopDisney listing below the artwork.

EPCOT The Living Seas Matted Print

The Living Seas
Credit: Disney

This Living Seas EPCOT poster reflects the beauty and mystery of the seas. Diving experience in the Living Seas pavilion is featured on this print. If you want to purchase the open edition print of this design, visit its shopDisney listing here.

EPCOT Turtle Talk with Crush Matted Print

Turtle Talk
Credit: Disney

Dude! If you love this experience with Crush, this is the perfect artwork for you — It’s righteous, man! Crush is ready to rock as he drifts by the microphone. You can see the amazed audience at the bottom of the print. If you want to buy this item, click here to visit its product page on shopDisney.

EPCOT The Seas with Nemo & Friends Matted Print

The Seas
Credit: Disney

“In the big blue world, we’re gonna go explore!” If you love these Finding Nemo creatures swimming around the Seas pavilion, this print EPCOT poster will dazzle you. Get ready to ride that East Australian Current and navigate the sea with Marlin, Dory, and Nemo. If you would like to purchase the open edition print, click here.

EPCOT The Land Matted Print

The Land
Credit: Disney

Do you love to soar around the world or live with the land? This poster of The Land captures the magic of nature and our world’s beautiful landscapes. I love that this fun print features the hot air balloons from inside the main glass building and showcases Living with the Land.

Did you know this building is supposed to look like a glass volcano? You can tell by the pathway and walls leading up to its entrance. If you love this pavilion as much as I do, click here to purchase the open edition print.

EPCOT Kitchen Kabaret Matted Print

Kitchen Kabaret
Credit: Disney

Wow — This food knows how to party! This throwback print will please classic EPCOT fans and remind them of a different era of Disney Parks. Plus, who wouldn’t love singing vegetables? This print is not available this quarter, but keep an eye out for its future release on shopDisney.

EPCOT Soarin’ Around the World Matted Print

Credit: Disney

Polar Bears, the Eiffel Tower, and Hand-Gliding. What do these things have in common? Why, EPCOT’s Soarin’ Around the World of course! This ride pleases fans as they drift around the world, experience and smelling its wonders. This print is not available this quarter, but keep an eye out for its future release on shopDisney.

EPCOT Journey of Water Matted Print

Journey of Water matted print
Credit: Disney

This upcoming attraction will debut at EPCOT in the near future. The limited-edition 24 x 36 print is available now. However, this matted version of the print is not available this quarter. Check shopDisney often for its future release in the open edition format.

Which of these EPCOT Limited Release Posters will you be purchasing? Let us know in the comments!

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