Bring ‘Star Wars’ Into Your Home With These DIY Paper Snowflakes!

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star wars paper snowflake patterns

Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs/Lucasfilm

If you’re a Star Wars fan, but you’d rather stay in the comfort of your own home than actually visit Hoth to see snow, you’ll love these free Star Wars paper snowflake patterns featuring many of your favorite characters and ships from the original trilogy!

Anthony Herrera Designs offers a variety of Star Wars snowflake patterns, including the six iconic templates featured here. The best part about this kid-friendly project? You are sure to have everything you need on-hand — a printer, plain white paper, scissors, and willing kids (or grown-ups!) are all that is required to get started.

Ewok Snowflake Template

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the forested moon of Endor, this paper snowflake template is for you. Create the cutest Ewoks in the galaxy with this free pattern! Scatter a flurry of these crafts to celebrate the defeat of the Death Star.

Download the Ewok paper snowflake template here. 

ewok snowflake pattern
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

Princess Leia Snowflake Template

The most incredible Princess in the galaxy, Leia, wears her famous original trilogy hairstyle on this paper snowflake. Whether you, too, have a penchant for scoundrels — hi, Han Solo — or you just love Leia’s grit and determination, this is the right craft for any Rebellion sympathizer!

Download the Princess Leia paper snowflake template here. 

leia snowflake pattern
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

Chewbacca Snowflake Template

Speaking of Han Solo, his righthand man — er, Wookiee — is up next! You don’t even need to speak Shyriiwook to make this DIY Star Wars project. All of the instructions are in English, we promise.

Download the Chewbacca paper snowflake template here. 

chewbacca snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

R2-D2 Snowflake Template

Beloved droid R2-D2 recently returned to the Star Wars universe with none other than Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in The Mandalorian! Celebrate his newfound — or possibly existing — friendship with Grogu (AKA The Child AKA Baby Yoda) by making this incredibly detailed paper snowflake Beep beep boop!

Download the R2-D2 paper snowflake template here. 

r2 snowflake pattern
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

Grand Master Yoda Snowflake Template

This Jedi Master Yoda paper snowflake is among the most impressive templates available to DIY Christmas crafters. We can’t get over the level of detail — even the center of the snowflake mimics the Jedi Order symbol! Get started on this fun family-friendly craft now. “Do or do not”, remember.

Download the Master Yoda paper snowflake template here. 

Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

Resistance X-Wing Snowflake Template

Channel Luke Skywalker, Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), and the cast of the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (2023) movie with this Resistance X-wing paper snowflake pattern. These would look especially amazing hung in a kids’ playroom window or even dangling from the ceiling!

Download the X-wing paper snowflake template here. 

x wing snowflake pattern
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

This fun craft is perfect for the entire winter season but is especially perfect for DIY Star Wars enthusiasts at Christmas.

These Star Wars paper crafts could even be hung as Christmas tree ornaments with string attached! You could even sprinkle glue and glitter on them for an especially festive feel.

Artist Anthony Herrera offers a variety of other free DIY holiday decorations inspired by a galaxy far, far away — including a clone trooper snowflake, an Obi-Wan Kenobi snowflake, and a C-3PO snowflake. View all of his Star Wars snowflake designs here.

Which of these Star Wars paper snowflakes is your favorite?

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