Make 8 FREE ‘Mandalorian’ Paper Snowflakes With These Templates

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Mandalorian Paper Snowflakes Featured Image

Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs/Disney

Do you dream of white Christmases and snowy winter days? Have you ever wanted to be on Hoth without freezing on sight? You’re in luck! Anthony Herrera Designs offers some beautiful Star Wars snowflake patterns. We have collected some here for you. Which ones? Why, the series that includes Baby Yoda of course! Grab some paper, scissors (read: lightsaber), and a printer because ’tis the season for Mandalorian paper snowflakes. Your family will love making these patterns together. You could decorate your home’s windows or add a few to your holiday tree. Any Star Wars fan will love adding a little Star Wars magic to their home this holiday season. Here are eight spectacular free printable patterns to get you started. Cue the opening crawl and craft your own saga of Mandalorian paper snowflakes!

The Mandalorian (AKA Din Djarin)

Mandalorian snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

You need to make everyone’s favorite Mandalorian first! “This is the Way.” Mando is looking cooler than ever in this intricate Star Wars snowflake pattern.

Download the Mandalorian snowflake template here.

Baby Yoda (AKA Grogu)

Baby Yoda snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

This one is sure to be everyone’s favorite snowflake. It’s definitely one of ours! Grogu looks as adorable and fierce as always in this pattern. I’m going to have to resist cutting out about a dozen of just this snowflake. But, hey! No one’s stopping you! Cut out as many Baby Yoda snowflakes as you want. We won’t judge.

Download the Baby Yoda snowflake template here.


Kuii snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

Kuiil’s tough exterior certainly does not match his big heart. This sweet character needs to be created in snowflake form. “I have spoken.”

Download the Kuiil snowflake template here.

Cara Dune

Cara Dune snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

This woman gets stuff done. Always willing to lend a hand, Cara certainly helps Mando and Grogu along the way. Also, it’s hard to ignore this bold character as actress Gina Carano (who plays Cara Dune) has certainly made headlines recently.

Download the Cara Dune snowflake template here.


Stormtrooper snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

Well, here’s the pattern for these soldiers because it seems like stormtroopers are everywhere. The Mandalorian is not an exception as these guys cause a lot of trouble for our favorite squad of Star Wars heroes. Seriously, stormtroopers should realize that if they mess with Baby Yoda, they mess with a battalion of Star Wars fans.

Download the stormtrooper snowflake template here.

Tusken Raider

Tusken Raider snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

It was so cool getting to know the Tusken Raiders better in The Mandalorian Season 2. What could be more awesome than that? Mando fighting alongside them? Yes, definitely the Mando/Tusken Raider team up!

Download the Tusken Raider snowflake template here.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

This guy brings ’em in hot or cold. In this case, Boba is quite cool himself – in snowflake form! Season 2 of The Mandalorian revives a Star Wars fan-favorite, Boba Fett, so why not decorate with some paper snowflakes that look like him? Also, it will help get you hyped for The Book of Boba Fett upcoming series on Disney+.

Download the Boba Fett snowflake template here.

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

Finally, here’s a snowflake pattern for one of the greatest Jedi around: Ahsoka Tano. Every moment of Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian is epic, especially her sweet moments with Grogu. If you need more Ahsoka in your life (because we all do), you should make this paper snowflake to decorate your home!

Download the Ahsoka Tano snowflake template here.

More Paper Snowflakes

elsa snowflake
Credit: Anthony Herrera Designs

Anthony Herrera Designs offers many different free paper snowflake patterns, from Marvel to Star Wars. Click here to see some Guardians of the Galaxy snowflakes. We also have an article about Herrera’s Frozen paper snowflakes, so check it out here! Also, if you want to make a Mandalorian paper snowflake that has both Mando and Grogu on the same snowflake, check out the design in this linked article. We hope you have some amazing Star Wars DIY fun! May the Force be with you.

Will you be making some Mandalorian paper snowflakes? Let us know in the comments!

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