Craft a Bit of Disney Magic at Home with These “Frozen 2” DIY Snow Globes

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Frozen snow globes

Credit: Disney

With Frozen 2 now out on Disney+ and kids most likely driving you mad through being at home all the time now, we thought it would be a good time to combine Disney with crafts so you can at least pretend you’re giving them an Arts and Crafts lesson! In this post, we will share everything you need in order to make your very own Frozen snow globes and the best part is, any Frozen fan will likely have everything in the house to make these!

Frozen 2
Credit: Disney

What you need for a Frozen 2 snow globe

  1. A regular mason jar (2 if you want more than one character!)
  2. One 20-oz bottle of baby oil (this will go up depending on how many globes you are making)
  3. Small Frozen figures/toys. These can come from any existing playset you have around the house, so long as they are small enough to fit inside the mason jar
  4. Hot glue or an equivalent sealant to keep the figures in place
  5. Glitter – Even better if you can make it Frozen themed (snowflakes or blue will do the trick)

How to create your very own Frozen snow globe

Right, if you’re still here you have everything you need to create your own snow globe. Now we will guide you through the process of crafting one from scratch, keeping in mind you will need to help your kids during most of the steps here!

Frozen Snow Globes with Anna and Elsa
Credit: Disney

Step 1 – Glueing the Frozen toys to the mason jars

No matter if it is Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff or any of the other Frozen characters, it’s important to make sure the figure stays in place. Ideally, use hot glue to stick the toy to the inside of the mason jar lid and allow plenty of time to make sure the glue dries!

Step 2 – The glitter

The key here is to not use too much glitter, doing so will result in you not being able to see the end result as well. Place around 1/2 tablespoon of your glitter of choice into the jar and if you want to add any themed-confetti, sprinkle a little of that in there as well

Step 3 – Filling the jar

Use your baby oil and fill the jar so that you only leave around 3/4 of an inch of empty space on the top. Don’t worry about measuring this to great detail, so long as there is a bit of space you will be fine

Step 4 – Securing the jar

Though it is very likely the jar won’t leak if you just screw the lid on, we like to throw a bit of hot glue inside the rim of the lids just to be sure. Better safe than sorry!

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Congratulations, you’ve just made an adorable Frozen-themed snow globe! You can now award your kids with the title of Snow Globe Maker!

Frozen snow globes
Credit: Disney

Now, these are perfect for someone like me who even when the parks are open, can’t bring snow globes home because I have to travel across the Atlantic back to the UK where there are big restrictions on bringing anything back with a large amount of liquid in. In addition, you can theme these to whatever Disney character you like, they don’t have to be Frozen-themed!

Let us know how you get on with creating these snow globes in the comments below!

Source: Disney

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