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snow whites scary adventures

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We expect some major changes to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure when the Disneyland Resort theme parks reopen sometime in 2021. One of the changes that we know is for certain is the refurbishment of Snow White‘s Scary Adventures, announced in late 2019. Here, we take a deep dive into this original attraction at the Happiest Place on Earth and share what we can expect from the ride’s reimagining.

Since this article was originally published, we have received more information about the refurbishment of Snow White’s Scary Adventures, including the announcement of the attraction’s new name: Snow White’s Enchanted Wish! Keep reading for the most up-to-date information. 

Snow White, an original Disneyland attraction

Snow White’s Scary Adventures is an attraction as old as Disneyland itself. The popular Disney Princess ride first opened as Snow White’s Adventures in 1955 and is one of the first dark rides to debut in Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom. Being one of the anchors of Fantasyland, Snow White’s Scary Adventures is a must-do for anyone who wants to “walk in Walt’s shoes” during their Disneyland day. And although its counterpart at Walt Disney World is long closed (Magic Kingdom in Florida now hosts the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train), the original version in California still stands.

snow white's scary adventures
Credit: Disney

Official attraction description

For reference, here is the official description of the attraction as it is currently written on the official Disneyland Resort website, as of December 17, 2020:

Follow the Fairest of Them All
Settle into a wooden mine cart and accompany Snow White as she flees from the evil Queen.

“Whistle While You Work” at the cozy cottage of the Seven Dwarfs. Visit dazzling mines filled with glowing gems. Then, proceed with caution into the dark and haunted forest—and the Queen’s sorcery chamber and spooky dungeons.

When all looks lost, will Snow White find her own happily ever after?

How Scary Is It?
True to its name, Snow White’s Scary Adventures focuses on the perils of Snow White’s fairytale journey. The ride includes some dark, spooky scenes that may be frightening for young children—including dungeons, skeletons, haunted trees, unexpected transformations and a menacing evil Queen.

Beware the Queen’s Window!
Peer up at the window above the outside entrance to Snow White’s Scary Adventures and, if you’re patient, you might see the evil Queen pull aside the velvet drapery to spy on those below.

Note that we do expect the description to change when the attraction finally reopens at the theme park. However, for now, it is interesting to note.

Reimagining a Disneyland Classic

So, what do we expect from the reimagined attraction? As frequent Disneyland visitors (and anyone who feels scarred by the ride’s frightening nature) will recall, the ride takes Guest on a journey through the story of Snow White. And, after we get through multiple scary encounters with the Evil Queen, the story feels as though it abruptly ends with Snow White and the Prince riding off to find their happily ever after.

snow whites scary adventures
Credit: Disney

However, Disney has decided recently that they want to give Snow White a better fairy tale ending than the attraction previously offered her. Walt Disney Imagineering is adding some magical enhancements to show Guests a more magical ending to the story. According to the 2019 announcement on Disney Parks Blog, the attraction will be updated with “new magic inside and out.” There will be all-new scenes, such as Snow White waking up after receiving true love’s kiss from the Prince, and her being reunited with her animal friends in the end.

Disney also said that Guests will notice new audio and visual technology being added to enhance the experience. Additionally, the attraction will reopen with a refreshed exterior.

More Details: Disneyland Resort Made Some Major Updates During the Closure

snow whites scary adventures
Credit: Disney

Here’s what Disney has shared:

This classic Fantasyland attraction, Disneyland park’s only ride-through princess attraction, will be updated with new magic inside and out in 2020. Walt Disney Imagineering is reimagining how the classic tale of Snow White lives happily ever after, and guests will be invited to follow along with her story.

In addition to experiencing familiar elements of the attraction you know and love, you’ll discover enhanced story details and all-new scenes. For example, a new vignette will show Snow White in a beautiful forest setting waking up from her deep sleep. Also, the attraction will conclude when Snow White is reunited with her animal friends and a shimmering castle is seen in the distance.

Imagineers are implementing state-of-the-art audio and visual technology throughout the attraction, including new music, LED black lighting, laser projections and a new animation system. The exterior of the attraction will be completely refreshed with new, fairy tale-inspired details to complement the nearby charming Sleeping Beauty Castle.

This isn’t the first time the attraction has undergone a significant refurbishment. In 1983, as a whole new version of Fantasyland was unveiled, Snow White’s Adventures reopened with new technology and a brand-new facade, along with the new name. In 2020, this opening day attraction will celebrate 65 years at Disneyland!

Attraction renamed from “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” to “Snow White’s Enchanted Wish”

Since we originally published this article, we received an update from Disney! Disney Parks Blog announced that the attraction will be renamed. It is no longer Snow White’s Scary Adventures — now, it will be Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.

While Disneyland park has been closed, Walt Disney Imagineering has been putting the finishing touches on this cherished attraction, which will be ready to welcome guests when we reopen our theme parks at a later date. While you may recognize some familiar elements in the attraction, you’ll be surprised to discover enhanced story details and all-new scenes. Take a look at the sneak peek below!

Imagineers have updated this classic Fantasyland attraction with new magic inside and out. Using state-of-the-art audio and visual technology, including new music, LED black lighting, laser projections and a new animation system, the attraction brings to life Snow White’s “happily ever after.”

snow white disneyland
Credit: Disney

You will delight in new appearances of beloved characters, including Snow White cheerfully dancing and twirling with the Seven Dwarfs in their cozy cottage. You may even notice the scent of Doc’s handiwork – a baking apple pie ­– wafting through the air, before heading “off to work we go!”

snow white mine
Credit: Disney

Vibrant new shadow projections bring to life the dwarfs as they march happily off to work in the mine singing “Heigh-Ho.” The most dazzling scene is the mine, which sparkles with shimmering lighting effects and glittering jewels all around.

There are more surprises to discover and we cannot wait for you to experience the magic of this timeless fairytale, and Snow White’s enchanted wish coming true at last!

When will Snow White’s Enchanted Wish reopen?

Credit: Disney

The extended refurbishment of Snow White’s Scary Adventures (now Snow White’s Enchanted Wish) has taken place — though having to be paused for a while due to the temporary theme park closures and ongoing pandemic — throughout 2020. We know that work has continued on this attraction throughout this year, and aerial views of Disneyland Park as well as permits filed with the City of Anaheim have indicated that Disney is getting ready to unveil the reimagined ride to Guests.

Or at least, they’re seemingly prepared to reopen the attraction as soon as the Southern California Disney Parks reopen. In any case, many have asserted that the extensive refurbishment for the Snow White ride (as well as the refurbishments of other attractions, like Haunted Mansion) has neared completion.

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While the ongoing park closures have led to some unfortunate circumstances for The Walt Disney Company and its employees, they have also been a time of improvement within the theme parks. Work has continued to progress on Snow White’s Scary Adventures — or, as we will know it, Snow White’s Enchanted Wish — and Disney has confirmed that “Walt Disney Imagineering has been putting the finishing touches on this cherished attraction, which will be ready to welcome guests when we reopen our theme parks at a later date.” We at Inside the Magic are excited to get to experience the new and improved version of the classic Disneyland ride as soon as the theme parks reopen…whenever that may be.

snow white's enchanted wish
Credit: Disney

So, a reopening date for Snow White’s Scary Adventures won’t be announced until a reopening date for Disneyland is revealed. But just know that, as huge fans of original Disneyland attractions, we can’t wait to share the news. It feels as though we’re getting a refreshed fairy tale ride as soon as the California Disney Parks reopen — and we sure are excited.

Are you eager to experience the new version of Snow White’s Scary Adventures as soon as the attraction reopens? Let us know in the comments!

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