Disney Asks for Guest Opinions of Country Bear Jamboree

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Country Bear Jamboree

Credit: Disney

Recently, Disney has been issuing several surveys to theme Park Guests and Annual Passholders. The most recent one asks visitors’ opinions of the Country Bear Jamboree.

Reporter John Franchi shared on Twitter that he received a survey from Walt Disney World asking him various questions about the Country Bear Jamboree attraction. He stated that the questionnaire asked if Guests thought the interest boring, exciting, inspirational, and more.

Keep in mind that although rumors in the past have suggested that Magic Kingdom’s Country Bears would be replaced in the future, Disney soon shut the speculation down. However, with recent attraction refurbishments like Redd the Pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean and the upcoming retheming of Splash Mountain into a ride based on The Princess and the Frogwe wouldn’t be surprised if some edits were coming soon to the Country Bears.

Still, nothing is confirmed, and this survey (like others issued by Disney Parks) should be taken as nothing more than a questionnaire for now.

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What We Love About The Country Bear Jamboree

About the Country Bear Jamboree

Country Bear Jamboree
Credit: Disney

The Country Bear Jamboree is a contentious attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It has been around for decades, and while some Guests believe it to be outdated and in need of an update (or think it should be removed altogether), others love it and consider it to be an essential part of both Walt Disney’s and Magic Kingdom’s history. The attraction was also considered a Disneyland classic, though it closed in 2001 and was replaced with the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

For context, you can read the official attraction description of the Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom:

Country Bear Jamboree
Have a knee-slappin’ good time at this jolly country-and-western musical revue starring a cast of singing bears.

This Hootenanny is a Real Hoot
Step inside the rustic theater known as Grizzly Hall and take your seat before the lights dim. Clap along as 18 Audio-Animatronics hillbilly bears play and sing during this 16-minute, foot-stompin’ cele-bear-tion. You’ll hear a medley of original and classic tunes—all performed by the zaniest critters in the woods.

Overflowing with humor, heart and a few surprises, this crowd-pleasing show features a down-home, southern sensibility you and your cubs will love.

Walt Disney’s Pawprints
Country Bear Jamboree is one of the very last attractions that Walt Disney personally helped develop. Originally planned for a never-built Disney ski resort in Mineral King, California, the show with the singing bears happily moved out to Florida in 1971 and has been performing daily at Magic Kingdom park ever since.

Country Bear Jamboree
Credit: Disney

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