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Country Bear Jamboree

Credit: Disney


  1. Darth Updates

    The attraction needs more Black Bears.

  2. Uncle Theodore

    What more edits can be made to the show? It has already been cut down to half its original run time. I believe the show needs to stay, not just for the history of it being the last true show with Walt Disney’s personal touch. It is just a fun show all around with one of the best soundtracks to any Disney attraction. There is still plenty of room for the bears far into the future.

    1. Michelleelle Moyano

      I so agree. If any revamp add some new characters, change some songs, but I have been coming to Disney since it opened here in the 70s , my kids love this show and grandkids just seen last year, Please do not take this great show away, that would be a slap on the face to Walt himself. It’s a keeper..



  4. Larry

    With over 10 trips to MK this attraction is a “one and done” visit. Boring and I didn’t care for some of the dialog used. It needs an update.

    1. Lance Liebl

      Add some new country bears from present time and add an Elvis bear with a few girl bears “ahhhing”. Love that attraction. Ive been to Disney World several times a year since it opened. Always stop for the bears.

    2. Bev

      Dialog is awful. For example “blood on the beach”. Awful. Could do so many other things with that space. Took my grandkids to see it once. Never again

      1. EricJ

        Much as I hate to diss the old Walt-era animatronic tableau shows, Big Al does bring the show down a little further than he’s SUPPOSED to. A less depressing cowboy song might help.

        And yes, we need an Elvis/rockabilly bear. (But not at the expense of Al.)

        1. Shell

          Big Al is the best part. It is soo funny , As a kid it made me giggle, and now even with adult kids of my own it still makes me giggle..We can’t think of Country Bears without smiling and going “Bulooood”.Big Al and the talking heads are the best part. Aside from clapping and singing”running 90 miles an hour taking 30 feet a jump” 🙂 Great fun stuff and I’m not even a country fan.

        2. DisneyGirlArianna

          I have mixed feelings I have never watched the show but I do think it’s a bit outdated and then I don’t but I feel like it’s a classic and never EVER want another thing in Disney to be re themed so please hear my cry disney

      2. Sheila

        There is no blood on the beach…it’s on the saddle and on the ground…

        1. Michelleichelleelle Moyano

          I so agree. If any revamp add some new characters, change some songs, but I have been coming to Disney since it opened here in the 70s , my kids love this show and grandkids just seen last year, Please do not take this great show away, that would be a slap on the face to Walt himself. It’s a keeper….and poor Truxie from Tampa, Where she gonna go..

    3. katy

      I respect your opinion, but disagree. The bears are a classic! I think it just really boils down to what kind of fan ppl are. Classic or modern (touchtone i.e.) . Honestly, the dialog is no different than some of the blockbuster flix out by rival studios than ppl are drooling over. They already took away Brer rabbit..😔

  5. Miranda

    I guess it depends. I don’t live in Florida but the couple times I visited and saw the show, I thought it was really cute. I know Disney wants to take the “unpopular” stuff out. If you’re ONLY asking Disney Park Holders, they of course are going to say get rid of it because they’ve seen it so many times. But it’s fun for those who haven’t seen it as much like visiting guests. Plus, air conditioning! If they are going to replace the show, I hope they still give the new version animatronics.

  6. Nachtwulf

    I feel like some of the dialogue/jokes haven’t aged well, but it should be easy enough to change up the show without removing the animatronics or taking it out completely. I’m sure some of the hardware and tech could stand improving as well… possibly some projections?

    Just give it the Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland) treatment and freshen it up good and hard, I say.

    1. Joan

      It needs some updating but if you updated then it should be something that is kid friendly and love the air the thing I think should be gotten rid of is the game area that’s just right outside the front door turn that into something that’s good for adults and children and it’s cool

      1. Shell

        By game area do you mean the shooting range?? That can’t go it helps keep the wild west feel and it is fun.Besides if they got rid of it , they would only replace it with one of 3 things..A meet and greet, gift shop, or restaurant, and there are wayyy too many of those things as is. They need more little fun things that are themed to the areas around like the shooting range in Frontier land.

  7. Sharon

    Bring back The Vacation Hoedown in Summer and change it up for the different seasons the way it USED TO BE!!

    BTW, Bears are offended.

  8. Rebel Orange Bird

    Folks no one will come if the park is all new have you not realized that yet???? Many folks come esp to mk for the vintage attractions bc of the home feeling and bc it is mk! The new stuff while nice does not say disney to me (sorry tron but ty for at least bringing in a well needed adult attraction to mk). Disney was not built on tourism just bc the money comes from there now and even there every main disney park around the world has the classic attractions or their version (looking at you hm) bc why? People love em go to the parks for em! Leave cbj alone the bears are not hurting anyone their bears (worse stuff is heard on the news and on popular radio these days).

    1. Michelleichelleelle Moyano

      I so agree. If any revamp add some new characters, change some songs, but I have been coming to Disney since it opened here in the 70s , my kids love this show and grandkids just seen last year, Please do not take this great show away, that would be a slap on the face to Walt himself. It’s a keeper….and poor Trixie from Tampa, Where she gonna go..

  9. Chris

    Where do I take this survey, absolutely keep it, add a second or third theater to it and do two or three different shows.

    1. mmeme

      Love the CBJ but does need some updating always fun to stop in and get giggle from bears update jokes I am sure Disney engineers can make it campy, fun an new oufits.

  10. Nick

    So, am I the only person who realizes that the name “Teddi Barra” is not a reference to teddy bears, but on the silent film vamp Theda Bara?

    Yes, it’s similar to “teddy bear,” but her personality is pure Theda (and to cement the vamp reference, she even includes an aside from Mae West, who was the screen’s next vamp after Theda).

  11. Heather C

    This ride is very nostalgic and it offers a great show allowing times to cool off and what a show with your kids that you watched when you were younger. I wish you had more bear jamboree merchandise . I love this show and I love how the bears interact with folks outside the salon.

  12. Jon

    Country Bear Jamboree is not a ride

  13. EricJ

    Thanks loads, Tiana-heads:
    Now you’ve inadvertently summoned back the dark, demonic spirit of Paul Pressler, who believed EVERY Walt-era attraction was “embarrassing”, “unwanted” and should be bulldozed or new-movie rehabbed if it wasn’t doing Space Mountain business.

  14. What scares me is that first there is rumors of a change, then there is a survey sent out, then someone rises up who didn’t even know of the attraction and is offended by it, then we all know what happens next, the politically correct police crowd demands it be removed and then we get Winnie the Pooh or some other attraction that Disney hopes wont bring any controversy their way and then say good bye bears.

  15. Bonnie

    I love CBJ. The show is adorable. Definitely a keeper. I’ve been going to MK since opening day in 1971 and I always make CBJ a must see.

  16. Bev

    Some of The dialogue is Inappropriate. “Blood on the beach” needs to go. Take it out. So many other shows Disney could put in that space. Took my grandkids once. Never again

  17. Jamie Ward

    It’s right up there with Hall of Presidents for a great napping place! The animatronics are old and tired and so is the show.

    1. Karen Trotter

      Thank heavens! I thought I was the only one that felt that way. I napped through it so I caught a second wind for the rest of the park. Time to lose it!

  18. Randy senna

    When you remove icons, you break traditions, destroy memories, and sever ties which keeps customers coming back because they feel like family.

    Add attractions, sure.

    Change or remove them, is wrong on many levels.

    Those in charge of making such decisions must themselves live the dreams so they understand correctly.

    You cannot run an amusement park without being hands on in the field…

    Surveys for office decision makers, has resulted in many tragic actions.

  19. Brandon

    Leave it, the hell, alone!

    IF you don’t like I YOU DONT LIKE it, then don’t sit down and watch it! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  20. Chris A

    One of the reasons we used to take multiple trips per year was due to the holiday and vacation overlays. I know this is going back a long time, but it was a reason. We didn’t want to miss anything. I think we spent more on the trips. Selling park admission twice for “events” like Halloween parties in August and kicking out early those who still paid for a full day should not be the way to make money. That’s a big reason we haven’t been back. That and it’s no longer a vacation when every attraction needs to be planned months in advance or you don’t get to experience them ( prior to the COVID related situation). Dinner reservations make sense, though.

  21. Roger Stevens

    One of the most loved attraction. Lets not destroy this one.

  22. prince charming

    Tom Corliss was right all along. Disney will redo frontierland. They will change jungle cruise, country bears, tiki birds, and expand pirates of the caribbean.

  23. Cliff

    CBJ could maybe be updated but just like Splash Mountain does not need to be replaced or returned . Should build an all new ride for Princess and the Frog in it’s own building .

  24. Matt Brewster

    You could have mentioned that the bears were designed by Marc Davis.

  25. Do not get rid of the Country Bear Jamboree. It was a great attraction way back when and I am sure that when I go to Disney World again, it will be great then too.

  26. Laura O

    CBJ needs to return to the Disneyland Resort… but over in California Adventure… between the Grand Californian and Redwood Challenge Trail. I hear hundreds of guests mourn its departure and they agree that it would be a perfect fit in that area for theme… and for the attraction’s original purpose as Walt envisioned it.

    Its interesting, most of Walt’s dreams of animatronic ‘restaurant’ experiences turned into the Tiki Room and CBJ.

  27. Carol

    Please bring it back to California where it started it has been terribly missed more than Disney perhaps knows. We show Buck, Max and I think Melvin to our granddaughters as they the can still been seen on the Winnie the Pooh ride if you look up and just behind you in the right place ! I am blessed I own a pair of wedding Bears, done be Matte , the artist who did all the makeup and faces of those bears we dearly miss n love !

  28. Rich A

    Why does Disney want feedback? They didn’t care about feedback when they went all PC on splash mountain.

  29. DisneyGirlArianna

    You guys are offended by “blood on the beach.” Seriously don’t you realize everyone has blood and there’s no reason to be afraid of it like seriously some blood saves people’s lives. And the vampires would be very sad if you took that out 😓 -Count Dracula

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