Fans Want A Woman Of Color To Replace Brie Larson As Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel

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There seems to be a petition for everything nowadays, doesn’t there? However, one is gaining some serious ground and calling for actor Brie Larson to be cut from future Marvel movies in her role as Captain Marvel to be replaced by a woman of color. The petition has almost hit 30,000 signatures, which means there are many people who agree with this. The question is, is it the right way to think about things, and do the fans have a point?

The origins of Captain Marvel

One of the main reasons those who have signed the petition calling for the change goes back to the character’s origins. Suppose I’ve got my comic book knowledge right. In that case, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is the 7th character to go by the title of Captain Marvel, and many fans want the character Monica Rambeau to take the mantle in future movies. There is, however, one big problem with this.

Monica Rambeau was “technically” the second character to take on Captain Marvel’s name after originally being named Captain Mar-Vell. This character was a man for one, so you can see how complicated this is. Picking which iteration of the character you want to fit an agenda seems a bit of a tricky situation and one that Marvel and Disney would like to avoid. Carol Danvers may be the 7th, but she’s also the most recent, hence selecting the character for the MCU.

Monica Rambeau
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Marvel has thought about this.

Those with a keen eye will note that in the Captain Marvel movie, the character Monica Rambeau makes an appearance as the little girl who affectionally calls Captain Marvel “Auntie Carol.” Fans will also remember that the film takes place in the 90s and that Monica expresses her desire to one day fly into space like Carol stating that she would need to get “glowy.” The fact is, Marvel has already thought of this, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a grown-up Monica Rambeau as another Captain Marvel in a future movie.

Brie Larson is fantastic in the role

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The main reason to disagree with this petition has nothing to do with race and everything to do with Brie Larson. She has been a fantastic ambassador for women both in and out of Hollywood. As someone who has a little girl on the way later this year, I am glad my future daughter will be growing up with role models like Brie and strong female characters such as Captain Marvel.

There’s no disagreement that women of color need to be better represented in Hollywood and indeed Marvel movies, but removing Brie Larson from the role — now that would be tragic, wouldn’t you agree?

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