13 Harry Potter inspired holiday settings for a cool yule

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The holiday season can be a time of stress with last-minute gift conjuring and extended family filling the home. Not to worry, Inside the Magic found a few festive fun ways to unwind with these 13 Harry Potter inspired holiday settings.

Perfect for a brief escape or setting the stage for a magical holiday gathering, these auditory atmospheres capture the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy a cool yule, perhaps with a mug of butterbeer and enjoy the seasonal cheer!

J.K. Rowland’s wizarding world Harry Potter stories conjure images of a whimsical realm of fantasy. From Harry and Ron opening gifts Christmas morning in the Gryffindor tower to festive feasts in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, holiday imagery in the Potter novels adds an extra layer of magic. Of course, snowy trips to Hogsmeade and the Yule Ball share snowy spots in this seasonal splendor.

Short of visiting Universal Studios theme parks, enjoying these enchanting environments only happens in the books and movies. Thus, we’ve peered into the pensive to cast a Christmas spell for Potter fans. Thanks to the magic of YouTube here are 13 iconic Harry Potter inspired holiday settings. It is our sincere wish that these immersive environments add a touch of magic to your yuletide adventures.

13 Harry Potter-inspired holiday settings

Listed below, for your magical escape, 13-holiday settings inspired by the Harry Potter saga. Enjoy as an escape or use to add ambiance to your next Yuletide gathering.

Harry Potter Holidays at Hogwarts

Locations throughout Hogwarts’ castle campus conjure the magical essence of this year-end holiday. From the Great hall to the Yule Ball, the spirit of Christmas casts its seasonal spell.

Holiday magic in Hogwarts Great Hall

Snow falls between floating candles of the great hall of Hogwarts. Soft holiday music serenades a trio of trimmed trees. Every so often, Hogwarts famous ghosts glide between the wreaths and house banners adorning the walls.  Video via ASMR Rooms.

House Holiday happenings

A quartet of cleverly conjured ASMR scenes (via ASMR Weekly) depict house holiday decor at each of the four Hogwarts houses:

Hufflepuff Holiday

Ravenclaw Christmas

Slytherin Seasonal fun

Gryffindor dorm December delights

The Room of Requirement receives holiday cheer

Thanks to Dobby’s diligent decorating skills, this secret room receives a much-needed Christmas makeover. Spinning holiday ornaments, a blazing fireplace, floating candles, and magical mistletoe make this ASMR room’s enchantment a delight to witness. As holiday music fills the room, a golden snitch glides on and off the top of a colorful Christmas tree.

Yule Ball

Along with hosting other European wizarding schools for the Triwizard Tournament, Hogwarts gave students another Yuletide opportunity.  The Yule Ball brought to life here by ASMR Weekly, the great hall dazzles in its wintery overlay.

 Off-Campus Harry Potter inspired Christmas settings

These next four fascinations take place away from Hogwarts. Visit various video versions of locations inspired by Harry Potter’s story.

Hogsmeade Winter Wonderland

A pair of Potter powered perspectives reveal winter enchantment from Hogsmeade. Both views convey the cool December air, complete with snow falling. Neither contained music, but rather they tell their tale with ambient sound and visuals. ASMR Weekly crafted both of these wintery wonders.

Christmas at Hogsmeade gives a great glimpse of the spellbinding seasonal decorations adorning the shops of Hogsmeade Village. Witness the Daily Prophet come to life!

Another video version depicts December chills from within the warm confines of a coffee shop window.

December in Diagon Alley

Just as shopping malls give muggles holiday gift hunting opportunities, Diagon Alley enjoys its own version of a wizarding winter wonderland. ASMR rooms peppered this picturesque scene with abundant magical surprises.

Christmastime at the Burrow

With a crackling fireplace, Christmas tree and Yuletide trimmings nearby, the Weasley’s long dining table awaits guests. This quiet, cozy, hour-long clip from ASMR Rooms arrives free from music. However, sights and sounds set the stage for a happy holiday feast.

12 Grimmauld PL set for Christmas

Courtesy of ASMR rooms, sights include a shadowy house-elf, apparating presents and more. Ambient sounds and faint holiday music round out this magical video.

Christmas in Godric’s Hollow

ASMR rooms released this frosty ambient environment in 2017. The scene recreates Harry and Hermoine’s Christmas night visit.  Winter’s icy chill practically emanates right through the screen. A green holiday wreath rests in front of a curved tombstone as snow falls under the full moon. Watch closely for ghostly visitations.

Wishing you a magical holiday

We sincerely hope these Harry Potter inspired holiday settings brought a bit of Christmas magic to your realm. These ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos offer an immersive audio environment, well suited for both muggle and wizard ears (and eyes) of all ages.

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