7 spellbinding Harry Potter Holiday DIY ideas

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Harry Potter DIY

Decorating for Christmas can be stressful and even expensive, and then there’s figuring out gifts, too. Not to worry, we’ve conjured up 7 spellbinding Harry Potter Holiday DIY ideas to help ease the anxiety this season.

From tree trimming to gift-giving, we’ve summoned the spirit of Christmas (via YouTube) with these fun-to-make Potter powered projects. There’s enough enchantment here to fill a Christmas tree!

Harry Potter Holiday DIY ornaments

It’s always exciting to find fan-fueled fun from the Wizarding World. Create Harry Potter ornaments (including miniature Harry Potter books), holiday decor, and mount-watering munchies! In addition, decorating and gift-giving conjuring, several of these seven spellbinding selections offer an excellent opportunity to channel the energy of young Harry Potter fans while they are out of school for the holiday season.

Harry Potter Holiday DIY ideas

Harry Potter Holiday DIY Patronus

Summon Enchanting Harry Potter inspired decor

20 DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

From spell books to travel trunks, this must-see video tutorial touts twenty different Harry Potter inspired tree trimming trinkets! Printable templates are included for most. Conjuring this holiday décor requires simple craft tools like a bit of glue or mod podge, markers, ribbon, and paint. Not only would these outstanding ornaments look great on the holiday tree, but they also provide great gift-giving options, too.  Either on their own, as embellishment for gift-wrapping or used to fill other gifts (mugs, party poppers, etc), they’re sure to be the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan.

Luna Lovegood Wreath DIY Decoration

A super easy and enchanting embellishment for Harry Potter-style holiday decorating. Great for decorating the portal to your palace or as the perfect gift for the host/hostess of the next Christmas party.

DIY Custom Patronus Ornament

Cool blue felt and metallic thread gives this ‘sew’ easy to make craft a magical appearance.

Conjure Harry Potter Holiday gifts

Butterbeer Muddy Buddies       

Butterbeer flavor provides an enchanting twist on this Chex-mix styled sweet treat. Not only is this a fun festive snack for the family, but it can also be used to enhance a couple of the crafts below!

Chex mix treats

Harry Potter Christmas Mug

A simple, spellbinding solution for gift exchange selection. For even more magic, fill the mug with homemade butterbeer muddy buddies.

Precious Portkey Portmanteau (from “Harry Potter Wizards Unite”)

Inspired by the popular “Harry Potter Wizards Unite” game, this clever creation takes a bit of patience to produce, especially for those who don’t have their wand handy. However, once completed, this brilliant box makes a great gift on its own. However, adding small toys, butterbeer muddy buddies or even a gift card takes the magic to the next level.

Christmas Wizard Crackers

Finally, this European holiday tradition fits perfectly into the Wizarding World realm.  With free printable templates and easy to follow instructions, Harry Potter fans are sure to delight in the colorful Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes wrapper. Fill with any of the smaller hand made ornaments above for a real blast this Christmas.

With any of these seven spellbinding Harry Potter Holiday DIY ideas, adding Wizarding World-inspired magic to the holiday season is easier than mixing potions in the dungeon. Peer into the ITM Pensive for even more Harry Potter inspired crafts (magic wand not required).

Source and images: Sugar and Soul, YouTube

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