At-Home Imagineering: 7 Harry Potter inspired DIY projects

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By now, school has started for many hopeful witch or wizard.  For most, it seems that their owl borne invitation for a semester at Hogwarts did not arrive and its off to muggle classes once again. Don’t be disappointed, there’s still a way to bring a magical experience to your cupboard under the stairs.

ITM has scoured the spell books, consulted the tea leaves and wandered the web to bring you 7 sensational Harry Potter inspired projects you can master at home to apparate a bit of the wizarding world’s wonders to you.

1. 50 Points to . . .

A trip to the craft store, some hot glue and a bit of house favoritism and this simple, yet eye-catching craft can add some magic to your Potter inspired room.

2. Design a Dementor

They’re not just for Azkaban anymore.  This perfect Potter pal is an excellent Halloween decoration too!

3. Great Hall ceiling and floating candles

Set the tone for that magical gathering and recreate the enchanted ceiling of Hogwart’s Great Hall.  A starry night under floating candles makes for a magical and memorable experience.

4. Potter Prophecy Orb

A great holiday addition to any tree, or display on its own, this glowing orb is sure to be the want of any wizard in your castle.  Consider trying twinkling rice lights as a variation, too.

5. Preparing Powerful Potions

A simple yet effective way to master any potions class (but you might want to wear gloves while managing your mixing).

6. Tempting Treats

Wand not working? Try these sumptuous suggestions for the next feast in your great hall.

7. Wizarding Wands of Wonder

Any witch or wizard is at a serious disadvantage without their wand.  Chopsticks, hot glue, embellishments and a bit of paint can solve that dilemma.

We hope we’ve sparked your imagination with these 7 spellbinding selections for the aspiring craft witch or wizard who wants to add some magic to their common room.  There are dozens more tutorials found floating about the web.  These range from a simple spell to an involved potion preparing process.  The end result depends on just how creative your cast your crafting spell.

What Harry Potter magic have you added to your home?  Please share your wizarding wonders in the comments below. 

Have a Potter-inspired room in your castle? ITM would love to feature your creativity.  Please drop us an owl at

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