Must have munchies: 7 Butterbeer recipes for after the butterball feast

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Once the holiday feast is finished what comes next? If football and nap time isn’t your thing, perhaps a bit of magic found in any of these 7 butterbeer recipes?

After the butterball (or whatever brand of large flightless bird is served for the holiday), butterbeer brings a bit of sweet enchantment to any wizard or muggle gathering. From various forms of the famous beverage to mouth-watering munchies, we cracked open the spellbook to bring you 7 ways to enjoy this tempting treat.


Butterbeer, the wizarding beverage of choice, first appeared in the muggle realm in 1999. Of course, J.K. Rowland introduced this butterscotch based beverage in the third of her Harry Potter books, “The Prisoner of Azkaban.” The first official appearance of this iconic treat in the muggle realm arrived in the summer of 2010, with the opening of Hogsmeade Village at Islands of Adventure (Universal Orlando Resort).

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An actual sixteenth-century beverage, known as buttered beer, is butterbeer’s likely inspiration. Today scores of various recipes and variations on the sweet drink exist. These include ice cream, secret menu Starbucks items, and even a knock off, bottle version of the stuff (Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer).

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7 Butterbeer Recipes you can make at home

Enjoy butterbeer during a Harry Potter movie marathon. Share the treat with the company while chatting in front of the fireplace after a holiday meal. However served, these DIY drink and munchie directions are sure to satisfy any magical or muggle sweet tooth.

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Brilliant Butterbeer Drink Recipes

Simple Butterbeer

Mix ingredients like cream soda, butterscotch syrup, sugar, vanilla and even melted butter. Delish brings this cherished wizarding world wonder into the muggle realm.  Find the recipe here.

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Alcoholic Butterbeer

In the novels, butterbeer had a slight alcoholic content. Stir in butterscotch schnapps to the recipe for an adult variation to the classic concoction.

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Hot Butterbeer

Jones Family Travels offers YouTube video directions on how to make the perfect winter version: hot butterbeer!

Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

Blending homemade butterscotch sauce with hot cocoa yields a creamy, chocolatey variation of butterbeer. The entire spell, including the recipe and ingredients list resides on the bakingdom website.

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Vegan Butterbeer

By substituting vegan butter and vegan whipped cream for the dairy driven versions, this plant-based recipe is a safe alternative. Directions even include an option to add whiskey to the mixture.

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Must have magical munchies

Butterbeer Crispy Treats

Crispy rice cereal mixed with marshmallow and butter already enjoys a secure spot in the snack hall of fame.  Turning this treasured treat into a butterscotch coated, butterbeer variant is pure magic.  Find the full course of action here.

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Harry Potter Butterbeer Popcorn

Popcorn and movies enjoy BFF status.  Butterbeer flavored popcorn, by default, makes the perfect pairing with a Potter powered movie marathon. Discover the recipe at Your Everyday Family.

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Enjoy the enchantment

Perhaps the ultimate way to enjoy a delicious cup of cold, frozen or hot butterbeer would be a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. These immersive and enchanting experiences reside at several Universal Studios theme park locations. Short of such a magical escape, brewing up a batch of any (or all) of these Harry Potter-inspired treats is the next best thing.

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Of course, butterbeer isn’t the only treat found within the Wizarding World. Muggles and wizards, check out this listing of other Harry Potter powered must-have munchies.

Which is your favorite version of butterbeer?  Will you be enjoying this magical treat over the holiday season?

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Source and images:, Cupcake Diaries, Plant Power Couple, Delish,,  Your Everyday Family, Jones Family Travels

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