Accio Christmas: 11 Enchanting Harry Potter gift ideas

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Cooler temperatures have arrived and we’ve finally turned the corner towards that most magical season of the year: Christmastime. To help prepare for this wizarding winter wonderland, we’ve assembled a list 11 enchanting Harry Potter gift ideas.

Of course, a knitted sweater, Weasley style also works, but we think just about any would be witch or wizard might appreciate one or more of the items listed below. Since most muggles don’t have access to the floo network, each of these gift suggestions can be ordered via the mundane equivalent: the internet.

Harry Potter Christmas gifts

J.K. Rowling created an enchanting realm with her Wizarding World novels. Rowling included the magic of Christmas as part of Harry’s journey. The vivid imagery of a delightfully decorated Hogwarts, complete with caroling sprits, painted a picture of year-end enchantment.

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Today, the wizarding world enjoys a huge fan following. Theme park immersion, exciting movie adaptations and scores of Potter-powered merchandise fuel the magic. For the holidays, adding a bit of Harry Potter fan fun under the tree provides a perfect potion for witch and wizard fun. Below we’ve listed a few ideas . . .

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11 Enchanting Harry Potter gift ideas


William Sonoma offers Harry Potter gift ideas

First up a few fun finds from the realm of kitchen magic, Williams Sonoma. No marauder’s map is needed, as these items from the Harry Potter series should be in stores now, but can also be ordered online.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas Williams Sonoma

1. Harry Potter cookie cutter set ($42.50)

Christmas cookies play an important role in conjuring Christmas magic. Magic wand optional for preparation. Leaving out a few of these Potter-inspired confections is sure to please legendary wizard Santa Claus.

Harry Potter

2. Hedwig Cooke Jar ($69.95)

Conjuring up a batch of the Harry Potter cookies mentioned above requires appropriate storage. Fortunately, Hedwig flies to the rescue with this perfect gift!

Harry Potter Gift Ideas Hedwig cookie jar

Harry Potter Candy Jars: This trio of sweet, spellbinding treats make excellent stocking stuffers or gift exchange opportunities for any Harry Potter fan. Grab all three or mix and match to please any wizard.

3. Acid Pops ($16.95)

Readers of the Harry Potter books are sure to recognize this spellbinding sweet.

A container with food in it

4. Cinnamon Balls ($19.95)

The perfect gift for any wizard who enjoys a bit of spice with their sweets.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas Cinnamon

5. Lemon Sherbet ($15.95)

Harry Potter fans know that this was Dumbledore’s favorite.

Harry Potter candy

Wizarding World gift ideas from Amazon

Santa’s reliable muggle assistant, Amazon, also harbors a host of Harry Potter toys and games. Whether a fan of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin houses, this Harry Potter collection of gifts and stocking stuffers helps any wizard create the perfect holiday magic.

Harry Potter toys

6. Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar for 2019 ($59.99)

Starting December 1st through Christmas eve, a new Wizarding World Funko treat awaits.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas Advent

Die-Cast Magical Vehicles: A trio of tried and true enchanted modes of transportation, these toy replicas represent various ways of alternative travel for wizards.

7. Hogwarts Express ($38.64)

This bright red locomotive delivers students from Platform 9 ¾ to the famous school.

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8.Ford Anglia ($36.49)

Of course, when the path is blocked, Mr. Weasley’s bright blue enchanted car delivered Ron and Harry (figures included) to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas Angila

9. Knight Bus ($34.98)

This purple, triple-decker bus brings wizards to all destinations (except those underwater).

harry potter toys

Finally, for the young Harry Potter fan, a pair of playsets, complete with small character figures, round out this Harry Potter collection of gifts.

10. Ollivander’s Wand Shop ($19.61)

Recreate that magical moment when Harry’s wand chose him. It comes with Ollivander and Harry Potter figures.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas wands

11. Hogwarts Great Hall ($23.41)

This famous feasting hall from Hogwarts includes Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore figures.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas great hall

Enhance the magic of Christmas with any of the enchanting eleven ideas above. No magic wand needed, lovers of the movies or books (or both) are sure to find the perfect gift. From candy to cookies, and, of course, plenty of toys, this Harry Potter Collection of December delights is sure to cast its spirited spell on any would-be wizard.

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Which of these Harry Potter gift ideas would you like to see under your tree?

Source and images: Williams Sonoma, Amazon

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