Must Have Munchies: 9 Harry Potter-inspired Christmas Treats To Make at Home

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The excitement and anticipation for Christmas at Universal Studios once again fill the air as the parks are magically transformed for their Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood and Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando Resort. A holiday host of seasonal spellbinding décor, entertainment, and eats recently apparated into the parks for the holidays.

While Father Christmas may not be able to cast a spell allowing everyone to visit these exciting experiences, there is still a way to bring the magic home this Christmas. We have gathered a cauldron full of ingredients to help host Harry Potter inspired holiday magic at home. These 9 DIY Harry Potter inspired treats that can help bring a Hogwarts holiday into your home for Christmas.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats





1. Chocolate Crescent Witch Hats

Flaky crescent rolls filled with chocolate is definitely a delightfully magical munchie for the family to enjoy this Christmas. Find the recipe here.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


2. Sorting Hat Cupcakes

A brilliant sorting spell for sweet surprises, these icing filled cupcakes are color coded for the four houses of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


3. Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches

A simple embellishment to these chocolate candies adds some quidditch-inspired sport to your holiday table or Christmas tree.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


4. Potter potions (Wizarding World inspired adult beverages)

Adults can enjoy these special spiked spellbinding seasonal spirits. Remember, wise wizards practice responsible potion pouring.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


5. Harry Potter Drink Labels

While the potions above are for mature muggles and wizards, adding these labels to soda bottles and water bottles is a wonderful way to include wizards of all ages.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


6. Ron Weasely’s Sweater Cookie

Enjoy a baked biscuit inspired by the gifts sent to Ron and Harry from Mrs. Weasely on Christmas morning.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


7. Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

Hot Butterbeer may have returned to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios’ theme parks, but this creamy chocolate/butterscotch blend is something you can only make at home.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


8. Acid Pops and Licorice Wands

Two treats that will add some color and exciting flavor to the season can be recreated by following the directions in this spell.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


9. Weasely Gingerbread Burrow

With the right spell (and patience) you can create your own Harry Potter-themed gingerbread masterpiece. Allow this wonderful Weasely Burrow to serve as inspiration.

Harry Potter DIY Holiday Treats


The exciting enhancements to Universal Studios Park’s Harry Potter-themed areas for the holidays are a wonderful Wizarding World way to welcome winter. Decorations, delicious dining and seasonal entertainment added to these already themed areas make muggle merry-making magical and offer a great new Yule-time tradition for festive family fun.

Universal Studio Harry Potter
Of course, adding any one (or more) of the nine DIY Harry Potter inspired treats from above can keep the spellbinding spirit of the holiday happening in your home as well.

What are some of your favorite Wizarding World must-have munchies for making magic this Christmas?  Please share your Potter potion plans in the comments below.

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