‘Frozen 2’ Director Hints at a Possible ‘Frozen 3′

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Elsa touching snow crystals

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Kristen Bell could be the ticket to a third film in the Frozen franchise if you’ll pardon the pun.

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Bell recently joked that she was ready to move forward with Frozen 3, 4, and 5. But was she joking, or could more installments of the Icy saga be in the works eventually?

According to the Oscar-winning writer and director for Frozen and Frozen 2, it could be a positive move to use Bell’s “good idea” to make Frozen 3 a reality. On December 6, while attending the opening night of Frozen the Musical at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, Lee said during an interview that she “feels done” with writing the films. But she’s also open to hearing ideas from Kristen Bell about continuing the story.

Elsa and Anna in Frozen 2 having a conversation
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“She [Kristen Bell] is so talented,” Lee said. “She was instrumental to Anna’s journey, and I’m so proud that she joined us in saying, ‘Look, you look to [Anna] as the optimist, but we all go through struggles.”

Lee continued to describe Bell’s contribution to Anna’s character, saying that Bell “has been an incredible partner in it, so maybe she has a good idea,” referring to Bell’s mention of future Frozen films.

Elsa touching snow crystals
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But Lee, who is also the head of Animation for Disney, says she might be ready to take a step away from Arendelle.

“As of now, I feel done,” she explained. “But I’m also very tired, so ask me in a year.”

Lee says that Frozen 2 only came about because the team felt that more of the story had to be told. Anna and Elsa weren’t together in the first film, and Lee says that’s something she wanted to see. She also wanted to explore why Elsa had powers in the first place.

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“We went into the unknown ourselves,” she admitted.

Have you already seen Frozen 2? Do you think there are opportunities for a continuation of the story? Let us know if you think Lee should move forward with another film in the comments below.

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