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  1. Thomas

    I don’t think a Frozen 3 is needed, Frozen 2 felt like the right conclusion to the story and in the sense of Big Screen movies I don’t think we need anymore from Arendelle, HOWEVER, should Disney choose to do a series for Disney+ then I think it’d be the better option. As with Toy Story, number 4 wasn’t needed, but the shorts that were released, particularly the Prehistoric one, were fun and gave glimpses of what happened after Andy had left them with Bonnie and for me gave me what I wanted if I wanted to see what happened next, a full movie wasn’t needed I don’t think.

    1. Phillip Johnson

      I protest, I wanna see it happen.

  2. Rachel Maloblocki

    I agreed they should make a Frozen 3

  3. Descat Zoé

    Oui moi je suis d’accord pour qu’un Frozen 3 nous tombés dessus , mais qui suit l’histoire des enfants d’Anna et kristoff

  4. Katie-Lyn F

    I wanna see more about Anna and Kristoff’s relationship ??

  5. Melanie Durham

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a frozen 3! I love this franchise! Go for it!

  6. Emily

    I’m okay with a third “Frozen” film, either on the big screen or Disney+ platform…however, I do not agree with the whole #GiveElsaAGirlfriend movement. Yes I understand there are minority groups out there who want to feel more represented in these animated films, but do we fans really need to keep insisting on messing up the roles of already existing characters all the time?

    1. Matt

      Ew, gross, Emily. They didn’t even bring up #GiveElsaAGirlfriend in the article. Why feel the need to voice your negative bias??? Just keep your negativity to yourself. If you look at any news article online right now that has anything to do with LGBT issues, it is really depressing to read as a gay man.

  7. GregR

    Frozen II was a confusing story. We still don’t know how or why Elsa got those powers. This movie wasn’t as good as the first one. The music and songs weren’t great. Why did the dam have to be destroyed? Why would Elsa want to live in the dirt instead of in her Ice Palace? It made less sense than the first movie.

    1. Mark

      Did you fall asleep? The whole movie was about why she has powers! The whole movie was about the stages of love everyone has it did a beautiful job… apparently you do not understand love maybe!
      There is no need for frozen 2 this said it all and cleared all the plot holes N if it didnt for you see this and the musical together that musical is awesome!
      And to the person above whose gay and proud and went ew guess what ew to you back i am gay and a parent and totally aganist that elsa gf movement! She needed to love herself first as we all do before we could love someone else. Its also a family film i truly do not need to explain my lifestyle to my 4 yr old she can make her own choices!

  8. No thank you. Frozen 2 sounds decent, but I’m starting to get tired of this franchise. How about sequels that we do want? I’m looking forward to Zootopia 2, but there are other movies that could use one. Come on, Pixar! Let’s see an Incredibles sequel that has the Parrs older and still fighting crime together!

  9. Cameron Wheeler

    I think they could easily create a 3rd frozen movie or more. I also think if not a movie a series on Disney + to continue to follow the two sister wouldn’t be a bad idea. There a still a few unanswered things left hanging from frozen 2. Like what was written on the scroll they found on their parents ship. We got to see Elsa transform again, but what is the extent of her new found powers and connection with the other 4 elemental spirits. If a series is done you could even bring in things such as a Prince Hans continuing to try and find a way to take Arendelle, Anna growing into her roll as the new queen, Elsa coming into her roll as the fifth element and a protector of the enchanted forest. I can also see where and why Disney would be hesitant as well. Continued runs of animated movies haven’t always done very well and you also risk pushing away fans by drowning them in one movie after another. All I know is my daughter is ready for either another movie or Disney + to have a Frozen Saga animated series or something of the sort.

  10. Alex

    I would love to see a 3rd film and maybe even a few shorts while we wait. I think another 6 years would be good to wait. I would want to see Anna and Kristoff’s marriage and see what other things Elsa is protecting the forest from. I agree that I don’t want to see Elsa get a girlfriend. Maybe a hit at a possible male romance.

  11. Phillip Johnson

    Yes I love to see another one, so do my friends, and all Frozen fans as well.

  12. Bernardas

    Yesterday I saw „Frozen 2“… But I dont want say bad things.
    I realy liked Hans in the first movie – he was such a perfect hero for Elsa and Arendelle – I dont beleve he could be besides knowing what is good and what`s bad. Oh, he was bad – I`m not arguing about it. But why? Maybe not because he was bad person or not knowing what is good, but because lack of believing, that good could win! Maybe, he could become better?..
    He has twelve brothers – they could be spoiled, greed, rule-less, cruel, he may be the best of them. All his life surrounded by them, ignored and suppressed he obviously could be confused in the first film, desperate to get away, marry anyone to get his own kingdom. His failure could be good reason for his brothers to bypass his legacy and humiliate him (we`v allready saw him picking-up horse-shit), but thats also a reason for them to declare war to Arendelle and conquere it for themselves – exep two or thre elder of them, all other brothers want their own kingdoms to have. And if there allready is photography in Anna`s and Elsa`s world, there also should be the gunpowder. What if one day they come with ironcald fleet? Arendelle, rulled by Ana is helpless, even stone giants could`nt stand against guns and all Anna and even Elsa can do is flee… That`s good, because brothers wouldn`t want to kill people – they want to rule upon them.
    Meanwhile, one ironcald is commanded by Hans – brothers picked him up from the mews, because they are pretending they are fighting because of his – one`s of their family – insult. It may look, like he is after Elsa and Ana, but he only wants to flee his brothers – they join and fight together against invaders, while he and Elsa falls in love… It`s not such a crazy idea! Hans allready confessed he preferes Elsa to Anna and he indeed understood her, sometims even better than herself – no-one can deny what he did to Elsa – he stopped her from killing – maybe he was pretending, but who knows? Maby himself does`nt. Yes he was trying to kill Elsa, but as I have said earlier, he could be gready for power and afraid its his only chance.
    Now Elsa hates Hans, but as all knows, there is thin border between love and hate. She should be thankful to him for what he did to her and not for what he was trying to do. Besides, who said, that people dont change? It was Bulda. Anyway, Hans in the third movie should be (and can be) a little better – he may have reconsidered his priorities and Elsa spending more time with him, knowing him better may insight something even himsef dont.
    Combining Elsa`s povers ant Hans`s knowledge heroes defeat invaders and saves Arendelle and may be more (Hans`s homeland could also be saved), Hans declares love to Elsa – who said bad people should be dumped-out from society without letting them to change and return? I`m not shure, maby Hitler. Of course he can be trusted only if he`v allready savd Elsa risking his life; if he becomes ruler of his own kingdom; and ir Elsa is no longer a queen, which he can kill to get her kingdom… And of coures there can be some terms in their marriage contract inhibiting him from heriting throne after her (and Anna`s) death after all.
    I woud like this kind of story. O do like when good persons become bad (like Hans did in the first movie) and even more I like when bad (or possibly bad) becomes good (like Elsa in the first movie).
    Thank you for listening.

  13. jood

    i woudnt mind either a series but it can be on disney plus but i want it on the disney website for free though than only exclusively on disney plus. or another movie will be good but probably not official for a while in my opinion!

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