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Phantom Manor

This article was originally published in April 2019 as Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris reopened. We have since updated it to include the most recent information about this attraction. 

After more than a year of closure, Disneyland Paris finally announced that the Phantom Manor refurbishment is complete and the haunted house will be reopening on May 3, 2019 (with a soft opening on April 30th). Disneyland Paris’ Phantom Manor is the Haunted Mansion incarnation located in Frontierland near Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Paris. The attraction has its own unique storyline that includes nearby Boot Hill cemetery which is the final resting place of the nearby Thunder Mountain Mesa.

One of the unique features of Phantom Manor is its the only version of Disney’s haunted mansion that has a run down and dilapidated exterior which goes contrary to Walt’s intention of maintaining the exterior while displaying its haunted features indoors.

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We were able to get an advanced look earlier today which you can check out on our YouTube channel or watch here. If you haven’t already thought about making a trip to Disneyland Paris this newly reimagined ride just might change your mind.

Hop aboard our online doom buggy and see Phantom Manor for yourself.

During the refurbishment, many changes were made to this popular attraction. Guests can look forward to seeing new portraits in the stretch room along with the return narration from Vincent Price. There will also be new details added to the original storyline to enjoy (make sure to read to the end for a sneak peek). The ride promises to be a bit scarier than before and all the animatronics have been renovated.

Phantom Manor

Along with the official opening on May 3rd, there are a couple of soft openings for Disneyland Paris Annual Passholders.

  • May 1st: 2 PM – 9 PM for Infinity Annual Passholders
  • May 2nd: 10 AM – 6 PM for Magic Plus & Infinity Annual Passholders

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Also, a special event is planned on April 30 from 10:45 PM to 2 AM for Infinity Annual Passholders and Disney Influencers. Disneyland Paris is excited about the reopening of this iconic attraction. The updates and added details are sure to draw guests further into the storyline behind Phantom Manor.

Phantom Manor Backstory

Disney is master storytellers and in classic Disney fashion, an in-depth backstory was created for the reopening of Phantom Manor. The story around the closure and reopening of Phantom Manor is that Thunder Mesa town council’s decision to seal shut Phantom Manor due to “strange sightings” and “mysterious occurrences”. You can read more about this backstory in the collectible Gazette that was released when the ride reopened.

Here is the English version (download in HD):

Phantom Manor reopening collectible gazette

And here is the French version which feels more authentic given the attractions home is in Disneyland Paris (download in HD):

Phantom Manor reopening collectible gazette

You can dig into the history of Henry Ravenswood, one of the towns founding fathers and former residence of Phantom Manor.

Spoiler Alert

It was revealed that the Phantom is indeed Henry Ravenswood, the original owner of Ravenswood Manor aka Phantom Manor. Henry is the father of Melanie Ravenswood, the bride, of Phantom Manor. At least 4 men tried to marry Melanie but Henry didn’t think any of them were good enough for his daughter so he made them disappear in the Manor.

Experience Phantom Manor

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