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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

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Being in a Disney Park at night is always kind of mystical and sometimes even more magical than it already is by day. Thanks to Disney staging, lights tend to enhance the lands and landscapes you come across when the sun goes down.

Doing attractions at night is also a way to have a completely different experience. It may be scarier but in the end, it is more magical! Night falls pretty early in France when you visit Disneyland Paris in winter or at the end of autumn, giving you even more time to experience the park at night.

You will probably spend at least 3 to 4 hours in the parks when the sun is down and some rides offer stunning looks at night. Here are my top 10 selection of the attractions you will not want to miss by night at Disneyland Paris (and if you can, do it by day too so you will be able to compare)!

10 – Toy Story Playland

Toy Story Playland in Disneyland Paris

With its tiny lights twinkling above the land, Toy Story Playland is a must see at night! The nighttime lights and the cutest details offer a wonderful enhancement that you will want to make sure to experience at Walt Disney Studios Park.  Bonus: La Place de Remy, next to Ratatouille is pretty cute too, make sure to stop by when the sun goes down!

9 – Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Disneyland Paris Dumbo Ride

Dumbo is a classic in every Magic Kingdom throughout the world. In Paris, we have the chance to have it in a central place, offering a great view of Fantasyland. By night, this view is even better and magical but you will only be able to experience it in winter. Fantasyland closes earlier than the other lands in Disneyland Park, so be sure to plan accordingly and try it at least 3 hours before the park closing hour.

8 – Orbitron – Machines Volantes

Orbitron - Machines Volantes at Disneyland Paris

Discoveryland by night is GOR-GEOUS. I must say that once the sun is down Discoveryland is even more immersive. You will really find yourself transported to Jules Verne time! Space Mountain is amazing, Café Hyperion magnificent and Orbitron charming. And to see it all, what’s better than taking a spin aboard one of the Orbiton vehicles? You will have an aerial point of view to enjoy the retro-futuristic style of Discoveryland.

7 – The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris

Okay, this one will only be appreciated for a few seconds when the shutters open at the top of the fall. But during these 2-3 seconds, you will have one of the best nighttime views over all of Disneyland Paris and just for that, you have to try it!

6 – Le Carrousel de Lancelot

Le Carrousel de Lancelot at Disneyland Paris

This carousel is already stunning during daylight but at night, it has an extra dose of pixie dust. An added bonus to visiting this ride during the night is you will probably have a shorter wait time than in the middle of the afternoon. Not to mention that it is very photogenic!

5 – Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Adventureland is very different than the one found at Disney Parks. Adventure Isle is already special by day but at night, you will feel like you were on a real lost island, full of Pirates and treasures. There are just a few lights, enough so you can see where to walk, but the ambiance here is really spectacular and definitely sets the tone!

4 – Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor

To experience the best of Phantom Manor, you should ride it by day and at night! The waiting line and the entrance will make you shudder and shiver differently once the sun is down. And the Boot Hill area is scarier at night, for sure. Extra bonus: it offers a gorgeous point of view of the Big Thunder Mountain splash!

3 – Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups

Mad Hatter's Tea Cups in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has recently renovated the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups’ glass dome and its lights. It was already cute but it is truly stunning now! Colorful, magical and so Instagramable, you will love to spin and spin and spin by night in Fantasyland.

2 – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril in Disneyland Paris

You will definitely want to visit the Indiana Jones ride after dark. Thanks to the fire and torches on the wall, it is even more mystical at night with its jungle vibes!

1 – Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris

Big Thunder Mountain is a must see whether you are on the ride or outside because it is one of the most beautiful sights at night in the park. The talented members of the Lighting Design team at Disneyland Paris did an astonishing job with the lights to create a truly magical view. Added bonus: if you get in the attraction line a few minutes before the park close, you may have a chance for an even more spectacular view and see Illuminations fireworks from the train during the ride!

Which of these fantastic attractions do you want to experience at Disneyland Paris at night?

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