Parent Allows Child to Defecate on “it’s a small world,” Biohazard Touches Other Riders

in Walt Disney World

A bustling amusement park scene with visitors waiting in line near ornate, castle-themed ride entrances. the crowd includes diverse groups of adults and children, some in wheelchairs, under indoor lighting.

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According to a recent report, parents allowed a young child to defecate on “it’s a small world” alongside other riders. Disney Park guests were forced to endure the smell of the biohazard for more than ten minutes until the ride ended. 

For reasons unclear, “it’s a small world” is one of Walt Disney World Resort’s most popular and messiest rides. Whether because of its snail-like pace or repetitive theme song, The Happiest Cruise on Earth seems to attract unruly behavior. 

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Last month, two children were caught on video sticking their hands into the boat ride track. Earlier this year, dozens of guests rushed out of the attraction after a mysterious incident. Another woman jumped out of “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris, taking her children with her. 

"it's a small world" hippo in the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Brittany DiCologero, Inside the Magic

Across the country, at Disneyland Resort, a man stopped “it’s a small world” for over an hour last year in a now-viral incident. The man climbed out of his boat and tramped all over the attraction set before stripping naked.

He swam from the indoor portion to the ride outdoors, exposing himself to hundreds of adults and children. Security eventually escorted him out of Disneyland Park; he was banned and charged with numerous offenses, including public intoxication. 

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On Saturday, a Magic Kingdom Park guest had their first disgusting experience on “it’s a small world.” Right after the Fantasyland ride started, parents allowed their young child to defecate in the boat. A dozen guests were stuck with the stench for the more than ten-minute attraction.

Boats go under London's Tower Bridge on it's a small world
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“Family assigned to my row after me decided to get on ‘my’ boat instead of wait,” Redditor u/westchesterbuild recalled. “The wife and one kid cramming other guests in row behind me. Husband, kid and their toddler in ‘my’ row. They had just taken a massive dump in their diaper.”

“Wished it was a bigger world after all,” they quipped. 

A doll in a red German style dress on "It's a small world," a classic Disney ride
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Always wait for the ride vehicle that a Disney cast member assigns you. If you’re concerned about another guest’s behavior, alert the nearest employee. 

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve encountered at Walt Disney World Resort? In the comments, share your story with Inside the Magic. 


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