Disney’s New Mandate: Guests Banned from Handling or Buying Merchandise

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Entrance gate to Tokyo Disneyland with a decorative banner celebrating the 30th anniversary, featuring Disney characters like Mickey Mouse. A red circular inset shows a couple in a boat surrounded by glowing lanterns from a night scene at the park.

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Yesterday, Tokyo DisneySea, owned by Oriental Land Co, surprised their guests by opening Fantasy Springs, the new expansion to the park, to all guests in a soft opening. Everything was available to guests, except for one thing.

A scene from the animated movie "Tangled" shows Rapunzel and Flynn Rider sitting together by a campfire in a forest. Rapunzel's long, glowing hair is spread around them, and Flynn gently holds her hand as they share a moment.
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Scheduled to officially open its gates on June 6, 2024, Fantasy Springs will encompass three enchanting realms: Frozen Kingdom, Peter Pan’s Never Land, and Rapunzel’s Forest, alongside a hotel nestled within the park’s expanse.

While Tokyo Disneyland boasts its own rendition of Peter Pan’s escapades, Fantasy Springs elevates the whimsy with an entire section dedicated to the eternal youth and his merry band. Here, visitors will find two rides, a themed restaurant, and a popcorn stand.

Anchored in Disney’s iconic 1953 animation Peter Pan, the six-minute ride promises a 3D immersive experience, immersing guests in the thrilling exploits of Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John as they navigate encounters with pirates, soar alongside fairies, and frolic with the Lost Kids.

An animated scene depicts a boy with brown hair floating amidst lush green foliage and tropical plants, using gold-colored dust to fly. He looks towards a purple and orange sunset sky with sparkling lights, framed by a stone archway in a jungle setting.
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Adjacent to the Peter Pan section lies a family-friendly two-minute buggy ride inspired by the beloved Disney Fairies franchise, inviting guests to join Tinker Bell on a whimsical journey through Pixie Hollow, delivering parcels amidst changing seasons.

After a delightful jaunt through the Fairy Valleys, patrons can relish a meal fit for the Lost Kids at the nearby Lookout Cookout restaurant, offering delectable treats like chicken tenders, seaweed fritters, and shrimp chips within a charming treehouse setting.

A group of four people, including two children and two adults, sit in a large wicker basket surrounded by oversized sunflowers. The children smile while the adults look fondly at them. A sign on the basket reads "Happy Autumn Harvest!" The scene is bright and cheerful.
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As the curtain rises on the Frozen Kingdom, a magnificent recreation of Arendelle Castle, home to royal sisters Elsa and Anna, takes center stage. Within its walls lies Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, a breathtaking 6.5-minute boat ride adorned with stunning animatronics and cutting-edge projection mapping, weaving an enchanting tale of magic and sisterhood.

In close proximity, Oaken’s OK Foods offers a quick-service counter fashioned after Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, where guests can refuel with savory delights.

A group of children and adults in a boat ride at an attraction featuring a scene with a princess character dressed in a yellow gown. The room is adorned with ornate, framed paintings on the walls and a suit of armor standing next to a lit candle on a pedestal.
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While Peter Pan and Frozen-themed attractions grace several Disney parks worldwide, Tokyo DisneySea marks a first with a dedicated ride inspired by the beloved Tangled. Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival is the crown jewel of this section, offering a captivating five-minute voyage through Rapunzel’s enthralling tale, from her fateful encounter with Flynn Rider to the kingdom’s mesmerizing lantern festival.

For those eager to immerse themselves further in Rapunzel’s world, The Snuggly Duckling beckons, a tavern reminiscent of the lively establishment where Rapunzel captured the hearts of a band of ruffians.

A couple sits in a rowboat on a lake, surrounded by floating lanterns in the night sky. Ships with glowing sails and a stone lighthouse illuminate the background. The scene exudes a magical atmosphere, reminiscent of a fairy tale or fantasy setting.
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Accompanying the grandeur of Fantasy Springs is the integration of a new hotel complex, offering two distinct experiences: the opulent Fantasy Chateau boasting 419 deluxe rooms and the luxurious Grand Chateau featuring 56 premium rooms.

While the latter comes with a hefty price tag starting at ¥300,000 per night, the more affordable Fantasy Chateau offers rates beginning at ¥63,500 per night, making it an enticing option for those seeking convenient access to Fantasy Springs and exclusive privileges at the new attractions.

With the official opening set for June 6, 2024, Tokyo DisneySea park tickets for visits spanning June through mid-July are now available for online booking, priced between ¥8,900 to ¥10,900 based on the chosen date of admission.

Tokyo local Chris took to X to share the news that while Fantasy Springs is not officially open, it is allowing guests of Tokyo DisneySea to enter the land in a soft opening, weeks before its official debut.

Looks like it’s open to all guests you can just walk in.

At the moment, it is not clear if Fantasy Springs will be open every day until its official opening, but for now, guests can ride the attractions, eat the food, and roam around, but they cannot buy or even touch the merchandise!

Disney World fan site WDW News Today shared that the shop Fantasy Springs Gifts is fully stocked, but the merchandise is not allowed to be touched or purchased, since it has not been officially released yet.

The most Tokyo Disney thing ever: They opened Fantasy Springs Gifts fully stocked, but you can’t buy OR EVEN TOUCH the exclusive merchandise because “it has not been released yet” 

In the photos, we can see Frozen merchandise being sold through the displayed Olaf plush, and Lost Boys hats, and stuffed keychains. It is likely that this merchandise will officially go on sale on June 6, 2024, but for now, guests can start to compile their wishlist!

Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs expansion is the largest that Oriental Land Co. has produced at Tokyo Disney Resort, and while the park isn’t owned by The Walt Disney Company, many fans are looking to the expansion as a benchmark for the level of theming and detail that should go into the expansions at the other Disney parks with the $60 billion that Disney CEO Bob Iger has promised, over the next 10 years.

Aside from Fantasy Springs, at Tokyo DisneySea, visitors have an array of enchanting experiences to indulge in. From thrilling expeditions like Journey to the Center of the Earth and Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, to whimsical adventures in Mermaid Lagoon and Toy Story Mania!, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

DisneySea overview Mountain
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Guests can explore the steampunk-inspired Mysterious Island, embark on a leisurely cruise through Venetian Gondolas, or unleash their inner explorer at Fortress Explorations. As night falls, the waterfront comes alive with the mesmerizing Fantasmic! show, while Aquatopia offers a whimsical aquatic adventure.

These are just a few highlights of the many magical experiences awaiting guests at Tokyo DisneySea, where every corner offers a new opportunity for adventure and wonder.

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