Child’s Hand Stuck in “it’s a small world” Track at Disney World

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A group of people in a boat going through "it's a small world" at Magic Kingdom Park. A child is dunking his hand in the water.

Credit: @jessicanookx via TikTok

A shocking video shows two children sticking their hands into the “it’s a small world” metal track at Walt Disney World Resort. The children reportedly also ingested the water, which is filled with chemicals, coin residue, and even urine from unruly guests.

In 2023, Inside the Magic reported one of countless water contamination incidents on “it’s a small world.” A witness wrote: “The people in front of us in line for It’s a Small World held their toddler up, [stripped] her down, sat her on the railing, and let her pee into the water the boats all float on. Then, to top it off, the mom used Kleenex from Nana’s purse to wipe the kid’s butt and then threw that in the water, too.”

A group of smiling visitors enjoying a boat ride through a vibrant and whimsical indoor theme park attraction.
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

Last November, an adult made international headlines for stripping naked and swimming through “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Park. Security cast members evacuated the nude man from the Southern California Disney park and charged him with public intoxication.

The latest “it’s a small world” incident takes us to the East Coast. TikTok user @jessicanookx was on the “happiest cruise on earth” when she noticed two children in the boat ahead of her dipping their hands into the ride water.


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After running their hands along the ride track, the kids appeared to drink some of the “it’s a small world” water. The guest was horrified, showing clips of the mildewy attraction sets as evidence that the water was toxic.

“I love my free birth control,” the guest joked.

Disney Parks fans were horrified by the incident and the parents’ nonexistent response.

A boat goes under the bridge in "it's a small world"
Credit: Disney

“I got some of that water in my eye once bc someone splashed it and it was bright red and burned all day,” @fungh0uls commented. “That kid’s not gonna see his next birthday.”

The ride water is horrendously filthy,” @benryarnett agreed. “I cannot fathom dipping the phalanges and sucking them dry like that- I’m so deeply upset.” 

Obviously, the boys risked a bacterial illness by ingesting the “it’s a small world” water. However, they were also lucky to keep their fingers.

Three child-like dolls wearing white outfits and white hats are singing and holding songbooks titled "Deck the Halls." One doll sits in a golden wheelchair, capturing the spirit of it's a small world. The background includes festive decorations and other dolls dressed in Christmas attire.
Credit: Disney

There is a significant risk of electrocution or an injury from a moving part when sticking bare limbs into ride water. When evacuating “it’s a small world,” Disney cast members wear rubber waders to protect themselves from electric parts below the surface.

Notify a Disney cast member if you see unsafe behavior at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort.

What’s the wildest guest behavior you’ve witnessed at Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios? In the comments, share your experience with Inside the Magic. 

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