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A large hot air balloon is tethered above an illuminated cityscape at dusk, featuring various buildings and water in the foreground. A prominent red "Cancelled" stamp overlays the right side of the image, reminiscent of a night out at Disney Springs cut short.

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Are you heading to the parks or Disney Springs soon? You might want to keep reading to find out more. Walt Disney World Resort has canceled one of its newest experiences, a drone show that performs in front of thousands of guests. But don’t worry—the cancellation isn’t for long.

An image shows a colorful drone light show creating the shape of a large robot against a dark, cloudy sky. The lights are predominantly red with some blue and white, outlining the head, body, arms, and legs of the robot.
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Disney Springs Cancels New Drone Show as Media Event To Take Over

Disney Springs has announced that the “Disney Dreams That Soar” show will not be performed for guests on Monday, June 10, 2024. The cancellation is due to a media event at Disney Springs, which will occupy the usual viewing area on the West Side. The drone show will be performed for the media during the evening, but guests will not have access to the designated viewing area.

While catching glimpses of the show from other areas of Disney Springs is possible, it is recommended to visit on another night to secure a spot in the intended viewing location.

“Disney Dreams That Soar” is scheduled to return to its regular times of 9 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. on June 11 and continue through September 2, 2024. On March 21, 2024, Disney announced that a new drone show would be featured nightly at Disney Springs during the summer.

The show is scheduled above Lake Buena Vista on the West Side of Disney Springs from May 24 to September 2.

This announcement was part of a more considerable reveal that included other highlights at the Walt Disney World Resort, such as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at the Magic Kingdom, the grand opening of CommuniCore Hall & Plaza at EPCOT, and the 30th-anniversary celebrations of The Lion King at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In 2024, Disney began testing drones, inspired by the popularity of drone shows at Disneyland Paris.

Dreams that soar drone show logo
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The Paris shows used approximately 500 drones to recreate classic moments from the Main Street Electrical Parade, titled “Disney Electrical Sky Parade.” Disney World had previously hosted a five-minute limited-time drone show titled “Starbright Holidays” during the 2016 holiday season in collaboration with Intel and their Shooting Star drone product.

On May 15, 2024, a sneak peek revealed footage of the upcoming show, which AT&T will present.

The preview showcased large-than-life images of Disney characters formed by drones, featuring characters from Peter Pan, Dumbo, WALL-E, Big Hero 6, Star Wars, and more. An original song will accompany the show, and additional lights and speakers have been installed in preparation for this new nighttime spectacle.

“Dreams That Soar” is a nighttime spectacle where visitors can relive iconic Disney moments through the innovative use of drones. Set to perform over Lake Buena Vista on the West Side of Disney Springs, the show recreates scenes from classic Disney stories.

Disney Springs at Walt Disney World is a vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment complex within the resort. It offers a dynamic mix of experiences, including world-class restaurants, unique shops, and live entertainment, making it a popular destination for guests of all ages.

The area is divided into four distinct neighborhoods: The Landing, Marketplace, West Side, and Town Center, each with its unique atmosphere and attractions.

An image of the Disney Springs water tower on a cloudy day, with light rays peaking through the clouds, and a clear sky in the background featuring an advertisement for Chicken Guy sauces.
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No Worries, There’s Much Else To Do at This WDW Location

Visitors can enjoy a variety of culinary delights, from quick bites to fine dining, as well as a wide range of shops, from high-end boutiques to Disney-themed stores. Additionally, Disney Springs hosts a variety of entertainment options, including live music, performances, and special events, ensuring there is always something exciting happening for everyone to enjoy.

Guests at Disney Springs can avoid disappointment from the cancellation of the drone show by exploring the myriad of other attractions and activities available at this vibrant destination.

While the drone show is a highlight, there are plenty of other experiences to enjoy. Guests can dine at one of the many acclaimed restaurants, such as The BOATHOUSE or Morimoto Asia, offering diverse culinary delights. Shopping enthusiasts can explore a variety of stores, from high-end boutiques like Coach and Kate Spade to unique Disney-themed shops like World of Disney.

Downtown Disney over in California offers things like Planet Hollywood, quick service like Disney Springs in Orlando, and so much more. Your Disney park experience isnt complete until you make your way through Disney Springs at the Walt Disney parks. Your theme park admission is not needed to go through this Disney location, and is provided free of charge.

For entertainment, guests can catch a movie at the AMC Dine-In Theatre, enjoy live music at venues like House of Blues, or experience the unique atmosphere of The Edison with its eclectic performances.

The Marketplace area offers family-friendly activities, including the LEGO Store, interactive play areas, and the carousel. Additionally, guests can take a relaxing ride on the Aerophile balloon for a breathtaking view of the entire resort. With so much to see and do, Disney Springs ensures a memorable visit even without the drone show.

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