Right Show, Wrong Place: Crowds Crush Disney Springs Capacity

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An image shows a colorful drone light show creating the shape of a large robot against a dark, cloudy sky. The lights are predominantly red with some blue and white, outlining the head, body, arms, and legs of the robot.

Credit: Disney

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, Walt Disney World introduced the “Disney Dreams that Soar” drone show at Disney Springs. The new drone show features 800 drones and 30 Disney characters in the 10-minute show.

Disney Live Entertainment unveiled “Disney Dreams That Soar” on Friday night to an immense crowd. The crowd came to see Peter Pan soar across the sky, a 213-foot Death Star from Star Wars, and the House from Up (2009) fly across the sky.

The show at the Walt Disney World Resort is modeled after the one that has been at Disneyland Paris for years, but this is the first time it has been attempted at a Disney Park in the United States.

Based on the social media reviews from guests who attended the “Disney Dreams that Soar” drone show, it was absolutely amazing. Guests were blown away by the Disney Springs drone show, calling it “absolutely beautiful” and “outstanding.”

Despite the rave reviews for the drone show, there was one universal complaint that all guests in attendance had: Disney Springs is not the right venue for this type of nighttime show. Guests generally complained that there just wasn’t enough room at Disney Springs for the massive number of guests in attendance.

Guests also found that, unlike a nighttime show at Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs did not have the infrastructure in place for guests to watch the show and exit after it was finished.

Guests were crammed together outside of Disney Springs shops, trying to catch a glimpse of the new drone show. Once the show was finished, most guests weren’t sure where to go next.

Any of the parks at Disney World are set up for this type of special event; it appeared that Disney Springs did not have the capacity or enough viewing areas for the guests who wanted to see the show.

People who were there complained on social media that they were “crammed in like sardians” and “it was difficult to see the night sky” with so many people around them.

Most also agreed that this type of show would need a theme park to handle the crowds and have viewing areas for everyone.

According to Disney’s website, “Disney Dreams that Soar” will perform twice nightly until September 2. Hopefully, Disney will find a way to make viewing this new drone show easier for all guests or move it to a park, perhaps EPCOT.

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