Disney Fireworks Slashed in Length as Company Continues To Cut Costs

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A colorful fireworks display illuminates the night sky behind a brightly lit, fairy tale castle with detailed blue and purple projections on its surface. The fireworks create a fan-like pattern, adding a magical atmosphere to the scene, enchanting Disneyland Paris guests.

Credit: Disney

As Disney continues to cut costs across the board, one park has slashed the length of its fireworks display.

Fireworks have been a Disney park tradition ever since Fantasy in the Sky premiered at Disneyland Resort in 1958. Each Disney castle park boasts its own pyrotechnic-filled nighttime spectacular, with some more popular than others.

A vibrant fireworks display illuminates the night sky above a brightly lit, fantasy-themed castle adorned with blue and purple hues during the Disney Halloween Party, attended by an excited crowd.
Credit: Disney

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The best of the best – like Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom and Wondrous Journeys at Disneyland Park (RIP) – manage to balance the fireworks with advanced technology, such as projection mapping, emotional soundtracks, and cohesive themes or storylines.

However, some fireworks struggle to connect with Disney park guests in the same way. For example, Disney Enchantment was met with ambivalence (if not outright dislike) when it replaced Happily Ever After for Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary, to the point that it was later swapped out for its predecessor after less than two years.

Happily Ever After show on the Main Street shops
Credit: Disney

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As of yesterday, another beloved fireworks display has been replaced at another Disney theme park. Last night (May 31), Disneyland Paris cut the fan-favorite Disney Dreams! and instead reintroduced Disney Illuminations – but with a twist.

Prior to its (temporary) death in early 2023, the show featured 10 distinct sections inspired by The Lion King (1994), Finding Nemo (2003), Pirates of the Caribbean, and Frozen (2013). However, the version now being performed at Disneyland Paris has undergone some heavy edits.

Fireworks explode and fan out above Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

While the show previously had an entire section inspired by Beauty and the Beast (2017), this has now been removed. The show’s Frozen section has also been cut down. Once comprised of three songs (“Let It Go,” “For the First Time in Forever,” and “Vuelie”), Disney has now axed the second song.

The show now runs for approximately 17 minutes, making it the shortest nighttime spectacular in Disneyland Paris history.

Fireworks around Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris at nighttime
Credit: Disney

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Disney has made no secret of its desire to cut costs. In November 2023, it revealed plans to increase its $5 billion planned cuts by another $2 billion, with most of this coming from its linear television department.

“We have a solid foundation of creative excellence and innovation built over the past century, which has only been reinforced by the important restructuring and cost-efficiency work we’ve done this year, and we’re on track to achieve roughly $7.5 billion in cost reductions,” The Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger said in a statement.

While Disney has also announced plans to invest $60 billion in its theme parks in the next decade, guests have long complained about the parks removing benefits or forgoing the usual care and attention that goes into their attractions to save money.

For example, Walt Disney World Resort no longer offers its Magical Express service, which once transported resort guests from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to their hotel free of charge. Guests must now also pay an average of $20 per person for Genie+, which replaced the once-free FastPass service in 2021.

Have you noticed any other ways in which Disney is cutting costs right now? Let us know in the comments!

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