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Mickey and Minnie Kiss

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When many people hear the words “Disneyland” or “Walt Disney World,” they typically picture Mickey Mouse and his animated entourage live and in person, standing in front of either Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella Castle. The Meet and Greet characters are part of the parks’ distinctive atmosphere, but Disney’s cast is far from the average furry mascots.

A group photo of Disney characters in front of a castle. From left to right: Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy. They are all smiling and in colorful costumes, posing cheerfully with the castle's detailed stone architecture visible in the background.
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

It’s not enough to just look like soft, meetable, huggable versions of Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of their pals. The character performers also have to act and commit to the personalities of the characters they portray. While it’s not uncommon to see the characters behave like themselves towards the hundreds of guests that enter the park each day, interesting things can happen when they mix and mingle with others of their own kind.

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Many Disney Meet and Greets are typically solo appearances, but some often travel in pairs, such as Chip and Dale, Joy and Sadness, or Tigger and Pooh. However, some of the best interactions come from Mickey and Minnie, and one Disney fan shared a surprisingly intimate interaction as Disneyland began its closing protocols.

Mickey and Minnie Seen Dating at Disneyland


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@sometimescastles shared the video above that shows how Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse end each day at the park. Where other characters might simply wave goodbye and follow the attendant out of the Meet and Greet space. Not so with this pair of romantic rodents. As depicted in the footage above, Disney’s resident power couple take things a little slower before they say goodnight.

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Part of the reason the Disney parks continue to attract such a fan following is their contribution to environmental immersion, and the characters play a huge role in separating the world of Mickey and Minnie from the outside realm of reality. The Disney bubble is a powerful thing, and the stories don’t end just because the credits roll. This isn’t the first time fans have seen this love story play out.

Relationship Goals


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@majeharrison also shared a video of how absolutely and adorably in love Mickey and Minnie can be when simply waiting between visitors. Again, playing into that atmosphere that makes Disney so magical. There are several other similar videos shot by Disney park guests that beautifully depict their relationship and never fail to warm our hearts.

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Iconic rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Haunted Mansion are only part of the Disney experience. Embracing the worlds of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy is why so many fans are absolutely obsessed with all things under the mouse. Especially since true love still conquers all even after nearly 100 years.

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