Epic Universe Update: Park Runs Into Trouble, Threatened With Big Change

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An artist's rendering of Epic Universe at dusk, featuring a vibrant, illuminated roller coaster with looping tracks amid lush greenery, bustling with visitors.

Credit: Universal

We may be speeding towards the opening of Epic Universe, but it seems like Universal is facing a roadblock for one of its most-anticipated attractions.

While Universal Orlando Resort is already a world-class theme park destination, it will surely reach a new peak come 2025. The resort’s long-awaited third park – Epic Universe – is set to open next year, bringing a third Wizarding World of Harry Potter area, Florida’s very own SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, and much more.

Universal Epic Universe concept artwork for Celestial Park.
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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For adrenaline junkies, one of the most exciting details about the park is that it’ll contain not one, not two, but four brand-new roller coasters.

In How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk, guests will be able to finally take flight on their own dragon on Hiccup’s Wing Gliders. Dark Universe – the park’s area inspired by Universal Classic Monsters – will boast the Curse of the Werewolf, and the Donkey Kong Country section of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will have Mine Cart Madness (which will involve a section where riders appear to fly off the tracks, just like the video game).

A magical encounter: children meet a life-size dragon under the watchful eye of a viking warrior in a whimsically themed environment at Epic Universe.
Credit: Universal

Meanwhile, Epic Universe’s hub – Celestial Park – will be home to a 133-feet-tall steel dueling launched roller coaster named Starfall Racers.

But then again, maybe not.

Universal Orlando Resort Celestial Park Starfall Racers roller coaster at Epic Universe.
Credit: Universal’s Celestial Park Starfall Racers roller coaster

Earlier this week, Alicia Stella reported that Universal had filed a trademark for a ride named Stardust Racers for use as “an amusement park ride in the nature of a roller coaster ride.”

Universal has filed a trademark application for the term “STARDUST RACERS” for use as “an amusement park ride in the nature of a roller coaster ride”

Could Starfall Racers at Epic Universe be renamed? Or could a variation of this racing coaster make its way to another resort?

Considering its similarity to Starfall Racers, there was a theory that Universal could be planning to build another attraction like Stardust Racers at another theme park. Now, however, it seems like there’s a much more likely reason why Universal is filing for a new name – because it may be legally obligated to ditch “Starfall Racers” entirely.

According to Wallin Ballin, an organization named the Starfall Education Foundation – an organization dedicated to teaching basic English reading and writing skills – filed to challenge the trademark.

The Starfall Racers name for Epic Universe’s dueling coaster is in danger.

Starfall Education has challenged the trademark with the federal government.

Their trademark is “Starfall”, used since 2009.

This is likely why Universal filed that trademark for “Stardust” racers 😬

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With the case still pending, it seems Universal is keen to ensure it has a backup in case Starfall Education Foundation proves victorious. If it does have to adopt Stardust Racers as a new name for the coaster, the good news is that it still gels with the land’s celestial theme and its similarly-named attractions, Constellation Carousel and Astronomica.

Do you prefer the name Starfall Racers or Stardust Racers? Let us know in the comments!

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