Disneyland’s Disability Access Service Stirs Debate as Park Streamer Reportedly Threatens Guests on Camera

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The Disneyland Resort esplanade, looking at Disneyland Park with banners of different Disney movies and attractions. The Disneyland entrance is about ten miles from where the recent death occured.

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Upcoming changes to Disneyland’s Disability Access Service continue to stir debate, as a streamer reportedly threatened guests on camera.

Guests of all ages continue to voice their disappointment at the upcoming changes to the Disability Access Service at Disneyland and Disney World. However, with many guests abusing this supportive service, strict measures need to be enforced to ensure its efficiency for guests who require it.

Unfortunately, a live streamer has reportedly threatened other guests on camera who have criticized his use of the particular service at the parks.

wheelchair at Disneyland Paris
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Redditors recently took to the social platform to expose how @thejungleskipper had reportedly made a threat while streaming live on TikTok.

User u/soscots commented that, after the content creator used a DAS pass for Alice in Wonderland on his TikTok live, a discussion started about people who disagree with the creator’s use of the service, questioning if he “really needs one.”

The Redditor continued, “Then [@thejungleskipper] proceeded to say that if those people who were against him using the DAS pass were in the park he would do something about it and not be on his live because he would as he said to 200+ watchers ‘be taking care of business.'”

“So now this guy is making threats,” they added. “This guy needs to be canceled and banned from Disney parks. He acts like he’s above the rules. He thinks that he’s entitled to use the hotels to his own and got mad that the hotels no longer allow him to do his stupid quotes at the hotels. It’s a shame that Disney doesn’t see real joker behind the camera.”

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Fellow Redditors voiced their opinion on the creator and his content. User u/mermaid-lagoon- commented, “He always says stuff like this but will boast about how educational and family friendly his streams are.” Redditor u/ohnogurll added, “I’m surprised this tutu wearing [a**] isn’t banned yet tbh.”

One user implied that the content creator’s inappropriate and aggressive behavior is constant, saying that they “have quite a few screen recordings of him threatening people and just straight up being a [d**k].”

Several users were shocked to see that Disneyland officials allow this kind of behavior at the parks.

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Redditor u/Cool_Training5940 commented, “I can’t wait for the new DAS changes. These influencers are not going to qualify and they’re going to start to have meltdowns. I guarantee they’ll start focusing less on the rides and focus more on the park.”

Changes to the Disability Access Service (DAS) will go into effect at Disneyland Resort on June 18.

This content creator has been criticized online before due to him bending theme park rules, exhibiting unsettling behavior, harassing other guests while at the parks, and screaming profanities, disrupting the family-friendly environment at Disneyland Resort.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time live streamers at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure have featured divisive scenes.

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Complaints about Disney influencers and live streamers ruining the theme park experience for other guests are constant, with many complaining about the obnoxious comments and the use of flashlights throughout rides. 

Additionally, guests have criticized the inappropriate behavior exhibited by many live streamers and influencers, including the use of prohibited substances, poor attitude toward cast members, and entitlement about something as simple as a spot to record the parades at the Disney Parks.

Inside the Magic reported on a couple of influencers irresponsibly attending the park while infected with COVID-19 when the parks still enforced protective measures, putting thousands of guests at risk.

What is your opinion on content creators streaming from Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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