Trouble at Disney: Fan-Favorite Ride Plagued by Tech Issues, All Guests Barred

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Crowds outside the theater at Walt Disney Studios Park

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A popular Disney ride has faced recurrent technical issues today, with all guests barred from riding.

Of all of Disney’s theme parks scattered across the globe, one receives more criticism than others.

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Magic Kingdom may have its haters, Hollywood Studios may be in an eternal identity crisis, and Hong Kong Disneyland may be the little park that could, but it’s Walt Disney Studios Park that holds the title of Disney’s lowest-rated park.

The neighboring park to the far superior Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios Park, was intended as a sister park to the aforementioned Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately, it inherited a lot of its issues – namely, the same trouble finding its identity.

Walt Disney Studios Park entrance
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Over the past few years, several new attractions have been added to the movie studio-themed park in an attempt to draw in more guests. Some of these have been more popular than others (sorry, Avengers Assemble: Flight Force), with one of the most successful rides being Crush’s Coaster.

Typically drawing in the longest lines in the park, Crush’s Coaster is a (mostly) indoor spinning coaster inspired by Finding Nemo (2003). However, guests hoping to ride the East Australian Current today were sorely disappointed, as the Disney ride is currently experiencing technical issues.

According to DLP Report, Crush’s Coaster spent the majority of today (May 9) closed due to ongoing problems.

This interruption lasted approximately six hours, as per DLP Stats, with the ride first closing at 9.05 a.m. and reopening again at 4.40 p.m. CET.

While the closure of one ride rarely has much of an impact on a Disney park’s operations, Walt Disney Studios Park isn’t like other parks – especially right now. The park is currently in the middle of a massive makeover that will eventually see it become Disney Adventure World (a name that’s not gone down too well with Disneyland Paris parkgoers).

A large statue of a smiling sea turtle in the foreground, with a blue building and painted mural of flying birds in the background, under a cloudy sky, near the entrance to a fan-favorite ride.
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During the renovations – which will affect 90% of the park – the main entrance is closed, with guests instead entering via a former cast member at the side of Walt Disney Studios Park.

Guests can also expect plenty of construction walls dotted around the park as Disney constructs another version of World of Frozen (the third after Hong Kong Disneyland, which (we previously gave a glowing review) and the upcoming version that will open at Tokyo DisneySea in June) and its new Tangled (2010) attraction.

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