“They’re Allergic To Serving” – Fans Blast New Name For Disney Studios Park

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The Avengers drone show lights up above and on the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney Studios Park

Credit: Disney

Disney announced the new name for its least popular theme park yesterday – and it’s not exactly popular.

After years of speculation and redevelopment, Disney confirmed what we all know at a promotional event yesterday: Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris will be renamed once its next land, World of Frozen, opens to guests in 2025.

Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios entrance
Credit: Disney

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The park will ditch the studio element (both in name and theme) and instead become… Disney Adventure World.

This name change comes in the middle of years worth of development for the park. In 2021, the park debuted its own version of Avengers Campus, and will soon welcome a newly-remodelled park entrance, World of Frozen, and a ride inspired by Tangled (2010). While plenty of this news has fans excited for the future of Disneyland Paris, they also haven’t hesitated to share their dislike for Walt Disney Studios Park’s new identity on social media.

Disney Adventure World is Unoriginal

If the name “Disney Adventure World” sounds familiar, that’s because there are a handful of other theme parks around the world with extremely similar names. Disney itself owns one (Disney California Adventure) and has an entire land at theme parks worldwide with an almost identical name (Adventure), while its biggest industry rival, Universal, operates another similar-sounding park (Islands of Adventure). Even its biggest rival in Europe, PortAventura World, boasts a similar moniker.

Disney Adventure World.
Port Aventura World

Originales, no son.

Assumedly, the decision to name the park Disney Adventure World was made because it’s generic enough that Disney can squeeze in any IP they like without having to adhere to a bigger theme. There was only so far it could push its “moviemaking” identity until the name became totally redundant (and, to be fair, that day came and went a long time ago).

Despite this, there was definitely space to come up with something more creative and a little more Disney. As @technosworld suggested on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Walt Disney Studios Paris is changing the name of the park to ‘Disney Adventure World,’ which is…not great IMO. Some names that would be better? Parc Fantastique, Destiny Kingdom, Enchanted Realms.”

Entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park, which will soon be renamed Disney Adventure World
Credit: Perry Tak via Flickr

Previously, rumors had suggested that the park would be renamed Disney’s CineMagique Adventure, which not only makes more sense but rolls off the tongue far easier than “Disney Adventure World.” Shudder.

(At the same time, we’ll admit that the park’s original name wasn’t exactly an exercise in creativity, either. “After careful consideration, we must also recognize that “Walt Disney Studios Park” for a Disney park on the studios was also a lazy name…” said @imemegination).

It’s Too Vague

Being unoriginal is one thing – being so vague that nobody really knows the park’s theme by name alone is another.

Guest posing beside Iron Man at Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris acting as if they were shutting down the land
Credit: Disney

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“Why can’t Disney ever be FUCKING NORMAL for .5 seconds…?” asked @HWStrashcanlogo. “They’re like allergic to serving istg cuz “Disney Adventure Park”…? There’s like 2500 better alternatives to allat I swurrrr….abysmal!”

Another user shared the same sentiment. “It just means nothing now,” said @LeetMor. “Anything can be an adventure. Thematically Adventureland and Disney adventure world are entirely different but in nomenclature not that much.”

“How Was This Approved?”

Most importantly, fans want to know how this is the final version of the name – and how it made it through what’s sure to be a lengthy internal process on Disney’s side.

“I wish I was in the room when someone said « Disney Adventure World » and the others were like « oh yeah, nice » lmfao,” said @Bruno__Laranjo.

Concept art for the new Frozen land at Walt Disney Studios Park, which will soon be renamed in Disney Adventure World
Credit: Disney

Another user, @rodakscreens, said: “Disney Adventure World sounds like a name somebody would have come up with for their RCT3 sandbox park 15 years ago.”

Perhaps the best assessment of the entire situation came from @oneandonlybird. “Disney Adventure World for a rename of the Paris studios might be the worst thing Disney has ever done,” they said, “and yall made mars needs moms!”

What are your thoughts on the name Disney Adventure World? Let us know in the comments!

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