Report: “Walt Disney Studios Park” Comes to an End, New Park Shared

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Walt Disney Studios Park entrance and Tower of Terror

Credit: Harshlight via Flickr

While the names of Disney parks around the globe are iconic, Disney is not afraid to swap up the name if they think it will be better suited for the direction of the park, and that is seemingly what is about to happen yet again.

Walt Disney Studios Park entrance
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Disney’s Hollywood Studios, initially opened as Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park on May 1, 1989, as part of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The park was designed to showcase the glamour and excitement of the Hollywood entertainment industry, featuring attractions and experiences inspired by movies, television, and theater. However, in 2008, due to changes in licensing agreements, Disney changed the name to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This decision was made to better reflect the park’s focus on celebrating the magic of filmmaking and the entertainment industry while also distancing itself from the MGM brand.

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As for Disneyland, when it first opened on July 17, 1955, it was simply known as Disneyland Park, but sometimes referred to as Magic Kingdom.

However, in 1971, when the Magic Kingdom park opened as part of the newly established Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, there was a need to differentiate between the two parks. To avoid confusion, Disneyland Park began to be informally referred to as Disneyland, and Magic Kingdom became the official name of the park in Florida. The change helped establish a clear distinction between the two iconic Disney parks.

Interestingly, in some instances, Magic Kingdom in Florida was initially referred to as The Magic Kingdom. This distinction was likely made to emphasize the park’s grandeur and magical atmosphere. However, over time, the “The” was dropped from the name, and it became simply known as Magic Kingdom, which is how it is recognized today.

Recently, there have been rumors that Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris will be undergoing a name change.

Walt Disney Studios Park entrance and Tower of Terror
Credit: Harshlight via Flickr

Walt Disney Studios Park opened in 2002 as Disneyland Paris’ second park, offering behind-the-scenes experiences and attractions inspired by Disney and Pixar films. Over the years, it expanded with additions like Toon Studio and Toy Story Playland. Recent expansions include Avengers Campus and the upcoming Frozen Land, enhancing the park’s entertainment offerings and immersive experiences.

The DisInsider reported, “The majority of Disney’s attention to their sole European resort has been spent on Walt Disney Studios park, often labeled the worst Disney theme park in the world. It boasted only 3 attractions on opening day and is now home to 14 including The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Ratatouille: The Adventure.”

Much like Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, Walt Disney Studios is less about showing guests how movies are made and more about putting guests into their favorite Disney movies.

Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios entrance
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“With the studio aspect of the park becoming more and more redundant the more Disney changes it, many have been speculating whether the park’s name will also change to reflect its new look,” the publication continued.

It is stated that next week, we will be learning of that new name for Walt Disney Studios Park, “April 12 will be the resort’s 32nd Anniversary and a private event has been scheduled in one of the Walt Disney Studios theaters for a presentation on some of the resort’s upcoming additions. According to OutsideEars, the new name for Walt Disney Studios will be announced during this presentation.”

While this is not yet confirmed, some Disney fans have been predicting names for the big change.

Bernardo (@Bernswss) shared the name, “Disney’s Hollywood Adventure” which one reply stated was a previous contender for a name for the park, “Great name, but I’m getting a strong sense of déjà vu. Turns out, that was one of the new names we were discussing for WDS 12 years ago! 😅”.

Another guess is “Disney’s Cinemagic Park”

Again, while this is not confirmed that the park name will change, it is undergoing a heavy rennovation that could be further enhanced by a rebrand.

The park will soon undergo a revitalization of the Studio 1 entrance area, as well as a new Frozen land and Tangled spinner ride. A new BMX show Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Return to Wonderland will also debut this spring.

On top of that, there are rumors of a Lion King land that would replace the canceled Star Wars expansion.

With a new focus diving deeper into IP’s, making the theme of the park a little more clear could help boost attendance.

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