Heartbreaking Update: Disney Confirms End Date of Beloved Electrical Parade

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A panoramic view of Disneyland featuring its iconic castle during the day and a magnified inset image displaying the castle adorned with colorful lights at night during the Disney Electrical Parade.

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Disney has officially confirmed the termination of the electrical parade – but which one?

Disneyland Paris' Disney Electrical Sky Parade, part of Symphony of Colours event. Drones in the shape of train-shaped parade float and drum with Mickey ears fly behind Disneyland Park's Sleeping Beauty Castle
Image Credit: Disney

Disney Announces End Date for Disneyland Paris Electrical Sky Parade

The House of Mouse this morning announced the end of the Electrical Sky Parade at Disneyland Paris, which began on January 8 of this year and was meant to only go through September 30, but it appears that Disney has had a change of heart:

The Disney Electrical Sky Parade will continue until the 6th January 2025!

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NEW: The Disney Electrical Sky Parade drone show will end its run at Disneyland Paris on Jan. 6, 2025.

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The Disney Electrical Sky Parade is a captivating nighttime drone spectacle hosted at Disneyland Paris, showcasing a fleet of 500 drones illuminating the evening sky with enchanting hues. As an integral component of the Disney Symphony of Colours initiative, which commenced on January 8, 2024, and is scheduled to run until September 30, 2024, this parade offers an immersive experience for visitors.

Scheduled to commence at nightfall, preceding the mesmerizing nighttime extravaganza, Disney Dreams!, the parade unfolds above the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. Enthusiasts anticipate that the procession will adhere to the traditional route established by the renowned Disneyland Electrical Parade, embarking from “It’s a small world,” proceeding past Sleeping Beauty Castle, traversing Main Street, U.S.A., and culminating at Town Square.

Minnie Mouse on Sleeping Beauty Castle and Casey Jr. in the sky during the Electrical Sky Parade
Image Credit: Disney

The Multiverse of Electrical Parades

The House of Mouse boasts a variety of enchanting electrical parades, each offering a unique experience for visitors.

The Main Street Electrical Parade, a beloved nighttime procession, dazzles audiences with floats and live performers adorned in LED lights, accompanied by a synchronized soundtrack. While the parade has made intermittent appearances, its most recent stint occurred at Disneyland from April to September 2022. Typically, the procession commences in Frontierland at 8 p.m., concluding on Main Street, U.S.A., with a subsequent showing at 10 p.m., beginning on Main Street, U.S.A., and looping back to Frontierland. Featuring 22 floats themed around Disney movies, it remains a highlight for attendees.

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade, known as Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights, continues to captivate audiences at Tokyo Disneyland with its magical spectacle. In addition, Disneyland Paris hosts the Disney Electrical Sky Parade, a mesmerizing dance of drones unfolding at nightfall, offering a captivating display above the park.

A vibrant night scene of the main street electrical parade, featuring brightly lit, colorful floats with fairy tale themes and characters, set against a dark background and inspired by facts about Disney's Electrical Water Pageant.
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Not to be overlooked, the House of Mouse presents the Electrical Water Pageant, a nightly aquatic procession gracing Walt Disney World’s Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, enchanting spectators with its shimmering display on the water.

The conclusion of the Disney Electrical Sky Parade at Disneyland Paris marks the end of a mesmerizing nighttime spectacle that has enthralled visitors with its captivating drone display. Its departure signifies the loss of a unique and immersive experience within the park’s entertainment lineup, potentially impacting the overall nighttime ambiance and visitor experience.

With the parade’s absence, guests will no longer have the opportunity to witness the enchanting dance of drones painting the night sky with magic colors, altering the dynamic of evening entertainment at Disneyland Paris. However, the theme park in France broke the internet by announcing the renaming of its iconic Walt Disney Studio Park theme park.

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