‘Bluey’ Canonically Ends Baby Daddy Debate

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Two scenes from an animated show featuring anthropomorphic dogs. On the left, a black and white dog stands with a neutral expression in a wooded area. On the right, a similar dog, reminiscent of Bluey, wears a futuristic outfit, holds a toy weapon, and stands inside a building.

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To say that Bluey has one of the most vocal and excitable fanbases on the planet would be putting it lightly. As season three concluded with “Surprise,” the internet was absolutely wrecked by the appearance of a bluey puppy character in a vision of the Heeler family’s future. However, the shipping war might finally have its answer.

Animated image of a large Bluey and black dog with wide eyes standing inside a house, looking through glass doors at a smaller dog outside who is peeking in.
Credit: Inside the Magic

Bluey’s baby daddy drama set a massive flamewar alight as fans and casual viewers alike were divided as to who the puppy with the blaster belonged to. Although many (including this writer) might think the wedge dividing the fanbase is incredibly ridiculous, avid Bluey buffs might finally have an answer.

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If you’ve been out of the loop, one of the hottest topics in the Bluey fandom is who fathers the puppy that’s presumably Bluey’s child (seen in the image above). Half the fandom suspects that it’s her friend and playmate Mackenzie, and the other half points the finger at her French-speaking friend Jean-Luc. As ludicrous as it is that viewers have gone positively feral and consistently try to play Maury with a pair of cartoon dogs, the answer might have been staring them in the face nearly half a season ago.

Bluey Ceases Shipping War

Bluey as an adult dog
Credit: Ludo Studio

Any Bluey fan worth their salt knows that the creative minds at Ludo have the ingenious habit of bringing things full circle. What started off as a minor point in season one soon has a huge role to play in season 3. Just take a look at what happened with Winton’s dad if you don’t believe us.

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It’s this dedication to detail that continues to be a spark of joy for an ocean of fans of all ages. However, it’s also why one of the biggest debates in the show’s history might finally be put to rest. In her analysis, TikTok creator and Bluey influencer @aussiegirlmargie brings a massive piece of evidence to light in one of her newest videos.


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Although many fans are on Team Mackenzie, @aussiegirlmargie’s take seems to all but confirm that Bluey’s heart belongs to Jean-Luc. Pair that with the clear and present narrative presented in the official episodes “Camping” and “Fairytale,” and the evidence begins to pile up. Fan theories aside, how do we know this is the genuine article?

Do You Believe in Fairytales?

Two screenshots from the animated show *Bluey* feature anthropomorphic blue dogs. The left image shows one dog in ancient Egyptian attire holding a towel with another dog. The right image depicts two dogs standing outside, seemingly in a debate, with a tent in the background.
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Putting aside that the pup at the end of “Surprise” has both Bluey and Jean-Luc’s colorschemes, the smoking gun comes from two whole episodes. As pointed out in the video above, there are a lot of similarities between “Camping” and “Fairytale” in regards to how Bandit and Chilli first met compared to Bluey and Jean-Luc’s little meet-cute. At the very least, this might be the studio’s way of saying that Jean-Luc will eventually return.

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It’s not the first time the show has pulled this kind of stunt, as “The Sign” so clearly demonstrated in bringing multiple plot points to fruition. Although it might be some time before we have a 100% definitive answer, there’s no way Bluey’s creators would make something like this a throwaway gag, especially with the audience knowing the two will canonically meet again.

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