Old Animatronics and Scared Toddlers Close Disney World Classic

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Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers were pioneers in creating audio-animatronics, and many of their designs are still some of the best in the world. However, not all of Disney’s creations are as cute and cuddly as Mickey Mouse. Some figures came with a fearsome presence that didn’t sit well with audiences at Disneyland and the Walt Disney World Resort.

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While most of Disney’s animatronic characters are essential in bringing some of their most beloved attractions to life, not all were designed with a magical message. Although most fans adore fixtures like Figment and the Country Bears, the same might not be said for Expedition Everest’s Yeti, the skeletons in Pirates of the Caribbean, or some of the ghouls in The Haunted Mansion.

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As strange as it might sound, some Disney park attractions have actually been shut down due to guests being absolutely terrified of them. One such example is the former ExtraTERRORestrial, a horrifying alien encounter that had guests screaming as they bolted for the exit. According to a recent report from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it seems like history is repeating itself.

Dinosaur Goes Extinct, Signs Point to Closure

Guests ride DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom
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Inside the Magic recently covered an announcement from Animal Kingdom that the infamous Dinosaur attraction would be going the way of its namesake as Dinoland USA prepares for its last days before converting into the Tropical Americas expansion with Indiana Jones. While the ride is indeed showing its age, a significant reason for its shutdown might be that it’s been horrifying younger guests for years.

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For those who have never embarked on this terrifying time-traveling adventure, the experience has guests going on an off-road adventure to save an iguanodon specimen from extinction before a meteor strikes the earth and wipes out all the dinosaurs. Sounds simple enough, and what young kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Many soon learn that while dinos are excellent in a museum or on a movie screen, they’re a lot more intimidating when they’re six feet away from you.

What’s the Deal with the Dinosaurs?

Dinosaur stands over Guests on DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom
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While Dinosaur is something of a cult favorite amongst hardcore Park-Hoppers, the ride is practically notorious for how terrifying its animatronics are for a Disney park. Although it’s not nearly as scary as the T-Rex at Universal Studios’ Jurassic Park/Jurassic World ride, this writer will openly admit that Animal Kingdom’s Carnotaurus is one nasty piece of work.

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On the one hand, Dinosaur was Disney’s way of flexing a side of the studio it rarely got to show, and the great Michael Eisner realized that the older audiences in the teen and adult demographic needed something more thrilling for their Disney trips. On the other hand, reports of younger guests having complete meltdowns over the animatronic dinosaurs are more common than the House of Mouse might want.

In the end, multiple elements have led to the decision to shut down Dinoland USA. That said, to say Dinosaur and its freaky prehistoric monsters weren’t a factor would be untrue.

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