Paying Guests Denied Entry at EPCOT, Pattern Emerges

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A group of young adults pose in front of the entrance to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT during an After Hours event

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If you’re headed to an After Hours event at EPCOT, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, ensure you have your MagicBand+. One Walt Disney World Resort guest warned others online this week after a Disney cast member attempted to deny their entry to the ticketed event because their smartphone wallet wouldn’t scan.

Guests attending EPCOT After Hours can officially scan into the Walt Disney World Resort theme park at 7:00 p.m. The festivities, which include free ice cream, select non-alcoholic beverages, and other snacks, don’t kick off until 10:00 p.m. Drink your way around an empty World Showcase or hop on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind with the shortest wait you’ll ever see!

Dozens of guests crowded into a small, red-light hallway.
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As exciting as spending the night in an empty Disney park may seem, it’s a high-stakes situation. Tickets run over $100 per guest, so any minute wasted at such a sprawling theme park limits guests’ abilities to do what they planned.

Redditor u/NightSkyButterfly was devastated this week after a “terrible” Disney cast member allegedly refused to honor their ticket for EPCOT After Hours. The guest forgot their MagicBand+ but downloaded the special event ticket into their smartphone wallet as instructed in the confirmation e-mail.

Unfortunately, their confirmation e-mail wouldn’t scan. They asked the nearest Disney cast member what to do.

Guests walking around World Showcase at EPCOT
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“She ROLLED HER EYES and barked at me to hold my phone at different angles,” the Disney Resort guest recalled. “So I try over and over in different positions. I say ‘please help me’ and she says ‘do you even have it saved to Google?’…I said yes and showed her and asked if she could scan anything instead since there was barcodes and she spat ‘I’m NOT scanning your phone’ but no further helpful comments.”

“My husband was trying to coach me how he got his to work and I’m getting super flustered because I already have a panic disorder and this is an incredibly stressful situation,” they continued. “I begged again to the Cast Member to please help me, just tell me what to do and she wouldn’t even look at me.”

Eventually, the guest’s husband flagged down another Disney cast member who “silently shoved” a physical ticket at them in exchange for scanning the mobile pass on their My Disney Experience app. It worked, but the guest’s evening was off to a horrible start.

Crowds taking over EPCOT's World Showcase
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“I was shaking at this point, put it up to the reader and scanned my finger then went to my husband and broke down in a full panic attack,” the guest wrote. “He took me to Guest Relations in France and explained what happened and Emilee was absolutely incredible at calming me down, her kindness after that made me feel like I was in Disney again.”

They didn’t ask for compensation, but the Guest Relations cast member offered them a free Lightning Lane to brighten their evening.

“I’d heard of some less than magical interactions with Cast Members but I have only ever had wonderful interactions or at absolutely worst, unmemorable interactions… Until now,” the guest concluded. “This Cast Member had the worst attitude and looked at me like I was disgusting. Very shocking when I’m so used to the smiles and positive energy.”

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