VIDEO: Live Disney Show Ends in Shocking Injury

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A Disney live show recently shocked audiences after a horrifying accident was caught on video, resulting in possible injuries.

Enjoying one of the many live performances inspired by Walt Disney Animation movies is undoubtedly an emotional experience for the young and the young at heart. From parades to live musicals and nighttime spectaculars like Fantasmic! at Disney World and Disneyland, seeing your favorite Disney characters take the stage brings the magic to life.

Unfortunately, a Disney princess recently suffered a dangerous fall during a live Disney show, possibly injuring herself and shocking audiences.

Moana poses at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

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TikTok user @queen3ve11 recently posted a video of a Disney on Ice performance featuring Moana and Maui singing “You’re Welcome” from the 2016 Disney animation film Moana. While the catchy tune surely made the audience dance and sing along, the Disney on Ice performance scene ended with a shocking accident.

In the video, Moana can be seen tripping on the ice and falling face-first against a platform before trying to get back up and resume the performance.

However, the video ended before viewers could see if the Disney princess managed to get back on her feet after the dangerous fall, if the show had to be temporarily paused, or if the performer suffered any injuries after the hard fall, which is likely considering the shocking scene. You can see the video below or click here to watch it.

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Wait till the end #disneyonice2024#moana#iceskatingfails#disney

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The Walt Disney Company has put Moana in the spotlight, leaning into the popularity of the 2016 Disney Animation film with the shocking news of an animated sequel slated to hit theaters this fall and the development of a live-action adaptation of the original story with Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, reprising his role as Mauidespite the historical backlash against this divisive kind of adaptations.

Inside the Magic gathered all the information about the animated sequel Moana 2 (2024) available so far, including what happened to the planned animated series featuring the Motunui Disney princess. You can click here to learn more about the upcoming sequel!

Moana holding an oar, standing in a ready position on a ship
Credit: Disney

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In addition to these movies, The Walt Disney Company recently opened the all-new Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana at EPCOT.  The attraction gives guests the chance to learn about the importance of the cycle of water with interactive activities for the whole family.

Given the Disney movie’s popularity, it would come as no surprise if the company decided to create more experiences inspired by Moana’s story and bring them to life at Disney World — or even Disneyland, given that the Southern California Disney Resort continues to push forward on a billion-dollar project to bring new attractions, immersive lands, and possibly a third theme park to life.

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