Disney Shocks Audiences With ‘Moana 2’

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After a season of flops followed by an uncomfortable silence, Walt Disney Animation Studios finally pulled through with the official announcement of Moana 2, slated to debut in November 2024. The return of Disney’s Polynesian princess was revealed along with the trailer seen below.

The Walt Disney Company previously announced an unnamed project in the works for this year, and it turns out that the studio will be taking audiences back to the ocean with Moana, Maui, and more with this follow-up to the 2016 film. The question is, could this call to adventure pull Disney from the depths of its recent slump?

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The last time we saw Princess Moana of Motunui, she joined forces with a demigod and overcame an ocean of monsters, storms, and other obstacles before restoring the Heart of Te Fiti in her debut film by John Musker and Ron Clements. Now that she’s sailing for the silver screens again, what’s next?

A New Adventure Awaits in Moana 2

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As exciting as it is to see the return of this familiar and beloved world, Disney isn’t out of choppy waters just yet. The studio still hasn’t fully healed from its recent “Flop Era,” and many fans will likely be skeptical of Disney returning to an established character instead of trying something new and original.

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That being said, their last original film, Wish (2023), failed to live up to many expectations. However, Moana (2016) was a box office smash that brought in a tidal wave of earnings for the Walt Disney Company. It’s only natural that Disney would want to attempt a second successful voyage.

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To say that Disney has been underperforming at the theaters lately would be a grand and glorious understatement. Returning to a property that the already has a fan following is a safe move on the studio’s part, but time will tell if that will truly be enough to bring Disney back to its status quo.

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The original had Disney drowning in winnings, raking in $643,331,111 at the global box office, which completely washed out Wish’s $244,086,146 by comparison. If the studio can imitate that kind of success again, they’ll be shinier than Tamatoa’s treasure horde.

While not much is known about the sequel at this time, it can be inferred from the teaser trailer above that both Moana and Maui (voiced by Aulii Cravalho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson))are picking up where they left off after leading the princess’ village to take to the seas as they once did. All it’s missing is a theme song by Lin-Manuel Miranda to bring it home.

Inside the Magic will continue to update as more is announced. Until then, tell us your hopes for the Moana sequel in the comments below!

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