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Disneyland and Walt Disney World are typically committed to creating the most magical experiences possible, but sometimes, the Imagineers want to show a different side of their craft.

Guests ride DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

If you’ve been keeping track of the recent developments at Animal Kingdom, you know that both Dinosaur and It’s Tough to Be a Bug are on their way out. Veteran Disney fans know that these rides have a reputation for being incredibly scary, sending many young guests into absolute screaming fits, but others know that those two entries were only the tip of the iceberg.

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From Expedition Everest to Phantom Manor, Disney has crafted some surprisingly scary attractions, but one monster from Disney World’s past still gives fans night terrors. ExtraTERRORestrial: Alien Encounter is often considered the most intense attraction Disney has ever created, and many fans are reminiscing about the former Tomorrowland feature in light of the recent closures. Look at the TV spot below if you don’t believe us.

ExtraTERRORestrial: Guts, Gore, and Mickey Ears

The footage above looks like the trailer for the next Alien sequel rather than something that would ever come out of the Magic Kingdom, and it was unabashedly and intentionally scary. Long story short, Disney couldn’t get its Xenomorph project off the ground, so they made their own horror from beyond the stars, and Michael Eisner’s Imagineers went all in on the scare factor.

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Before it became Stitch’s Great Escape, ExtraTERRORestrial was one of the most immersive experiences in Disney World. As a race of aliens show off their latest teleportation system, something goes horribly wrong, and guests are locked in a dark chamber with a hungry, intergalactic monster.

Since both Dinosaur and It’s Tough to Be a Bug were closed due to similar elements and legions of screaming kids, many guests who survived the titular Alien Encounter shared their experience on r/WaltDisneyWorld, and to say it was a graphic experience would be putting it lightly.

Disney World Guests Respond

Alien Encounter artwork
Credit: Disney

When asked, “How scary was it?” Disney fans quickly shared how they survived the encounter with Disney’s predatory monster from another world. u/TK1129 gives a very vivid depiction of the attraction when they write,

“Did it as a 17-year-old. It was intense. As others said, you felt the hot breath, the spit, and the blood. It was very loud, and most of it was all in your head because the room would go pitch black. When it’s pitch black, and the alien is supposedly flying around and stalking through the room, a harness on the chair comes down on your shoulders to make it seem like he landed on you. People screamed the entire time. I’d still do it again.”

Further down, u/agdtinman replies with,

I loved so many elements of this. Maybe my favorite modern Disney ride. I loved the little hot puffs of air, the flicking at your hair like a tongue. I’m willing to bet even some of the crowd screams were simulated. The ability to engage the audience’s senses other than sight to provide a thrilling, scary experience was top-notch.

Disney has always had a gift for creating immersive experiences, but the Imagineers truly went to Halloween Horror Nights level scares with some of the attraction’s earlier performances. One user even reports what it was like to be sprayed with gore at Disney World.

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u/einTier shares,

“I got to experience warm blood. The word I’d use for the experience was “intense.” I was old enough and had seen enough **** that make-believe wasn’t going to rattle my cage. My wife felt the same way. Still, we both remarked at just how far the ride went. It was very out of character for the Magic Kingdom. But it was amazing. I so dearly wish they’d kept it because it was the only true adult ride in the entire park. If you wanted to believe, you could.

“The Disney Imagineers obviously had fun with the ride, and you could tell more thought and effort went into the experience than maybe anywhere in all of Disney World. What made it intense for us was that the pressure never really let up and it was obvious that very bad things were happening all around you. What probably pushed young kids over the edge is that you were absolutely 100% locked down in your seat like you would be on a serious A class roller coaster. There was no escape. The alien was behind you. You could hear it, you could feel its breath on you. You just witnessed someone dying at its hands, and you still had their warm, wet blood on you. It sounded like others in the theater had already been killed…”

Alien Encounter Sign
Credit: Disney
 It’s often been said that sensitive audiences make Disney so terrified to take risks, and ExtraTERRORestrial is exactly what happens when the studio is allowed to experiment. While Dinosaur and It’s Tough to Be a Bug aren’t nearly as terrifying as they could be, there’s no denying that the parks are following a pattern.
The intense Tomorrowland attraction might be ancient Disney history, but there’s no denying that Disney learned from what it brought to the table. With the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, perhaps it could be resurrected with a slightly toned-down Xenomorph reskin.
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