Fans React: Olive Garden Inside Disney World Theme Park

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Walt Disney World Resort is all about “hot takes.”

A hot take is a piece of commentary, typically produced quickly in response to a recent event, whose primary purpose is to attract attention.

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Hot takes about Disney World are as diverse as the park’s attractions themselves. Some guests may passionately argue that Disney merchandise lacks quality, while others may critique the culinary offerings, attractions, and much more.

In a popular Reddit Thread, guests discuss the hottest Disney World hot takes. A top conversation piece is about Disney World merchandise.

What are your absolute hottest WDW takes?
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Criticism of Disney merchandise often centers around its perceived lack of durability and high prices. While the parks offer a vast array of souvenirs, from plush toys to apparel to collectible pins, some guests feel that the quality of these items doesn’t always justify their cost. They may point to issues like fading colors, flimsy materials, or easily broken parts as evidence of the merchandise being subpar.

One Disney guest’s hot take was that “99% of the merchandise is trash and spirit jerseys need to go away forever.”  While this comment got others to agree with them others commented on how they wished Disney would have attraction shirts, or regular tee shirts.

A little girl shows her mom a giant Mickey Mouse plush in a Disney World merch store.
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Another hot take that got guests talking and expressing their feelings was about Disney World food and dining.  While Disney World tends to go beyond to ensure guests are pleased, Disney World is a theme park, so guests heading to the parks should remember that while Walt Disney World Resort is a magical place, it is also a theme park.

One guest made a comment comparing Disney food to Oliver Garden or Applebee’s.

“Most of the dining at Disney is a half step above Olive Garden or Applebees,” one fan said.

It certainly begs the question: If there was an Olive Garden inside a Walt Disney World theme park, would you book a dining reservation? If you say “yes,” the answer to this question is likely that Olive Garden is better than Disney’s restaurants. If you say “no,” then the dining currently offered might still be a little better than the popular chain used in the example.

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Walt Disney World Resort is no stranger to guests complaints. However, what sets Disney Parks apart is its proactive approach to addressing and resolving these concerns, ensuring that every guest has a magical experience.

One of Disney’s key strategies for handling complaints is to empower its Cast Members to resolve issues on the spot. Whether it’s a problem with a ride, a dining reservation, or a merchandise purchase, Cast Members are trained to listen attentively to guests’ concerns and take immediate action to rectify the situation.

This may involve offering a refund, providing a replacement item, or simply offering a heartfelt apology and a kind gesture, such as a complimentary Lighting Lane or a snack voucher.

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