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Statue of walt disney holding hands with mickey mouse in front of cinderella castle at disney world, with a clear blue sky background.

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  1. I can say with full confidence–Olive Garden is better than Magic Kingdom’s Tony’s Town Square. Tony’s has no flavor and it’s a shame for how much you pay to eat there. The Italy booth at EPCOT is lacking–Olive Garden is better than that. WDW needs to step up.

  2. Sunshine

    Ummm, no Thank you- it’s bad enough Starbucks is inside the parks, let’s not downgrade it anymore!
    Keep the restaurants unique and not found everywhere!!

  3. Steve

    I doubt you are beautiful and/or gorgeous but I digress, while I agree that Town Square isn’t the best the fact you think Olive Garden is good and better than Italy at Epcot tells me you might be missing some teeth and have banjo music playing in the background.

    1. Puck Around and Grind Out

      I doubt you have friends and family who love you unconditionally, but I digress. Since she specifically said “Italy booth” – not Italy at Epcot – Olive Garden might very well have been better than whatever booth she tried during a particular festival, as the Food & Wine booths have been notoriously hit-or-miss.

      1. Puck Around

        O boo hoo

        1. PAGO For Short

          I get it. Facts are hard sometimes. You’ll survive this life lesson, I promise. Buck up, little camper.

  4. Not PAGO

    I guess we all know where you are short haha

    1. The One and Only PAGO

      Care to share with everyone HOW you know? Thanks for remembering and for waiting in that long line also. Your mom says hi, by the way.

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