Report: According to New Rules, You May Never Be Allowed Back at Disney

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The Walt Disney World Railroad boarding station near the entrance of Magic Kingdom on Main Street, U.S.A., during a cloudy day with guests and security cast members.

Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

If you are visiting Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or any of the Disney parks around the world, while things may be magical, there are strict rules that guests must follow. Failure to do so will have you swiftly escorted out of the park, and possibly never let back in.

A security cast member on the radio with the Disneyland Park entrance to the right.
Credit: Inside The Magic

The parks are owned and operated by Disney, and they are on private property, so Disney is able to enact its own rules for guests to follow. Lately, we have certainly seen Disney become a lot stricter with its rules when it comes to guests. One major rule that became highly popular to break on social media was the dress code violation.

Initially, if you came to Disney World wearing a shirt that was not appropriate for a family theme park environment, Disney would make you change, but they would let you pick a shirt from one of their stores and give it to you for free. This complimentary fix worked to ensure that the guest was still happy, and that all rules were being followed.

That was until one influencer recorded this happening to her, and started the trend of a new “hack” to get a free shirt. 

Now, the complimentary top option is gone as the system was abused, and guests will just be rejected at the gates and sent away until they can return with clothing that is allowed into the parks.

Security at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, enforcing the rules.
Credit: Inside the Magic

Another rule that Disney has stiffened up on is the type of recording devices allowed in the parks.

While you can film at Magic Kingdom (or any park), you cannot do commercial filming, so now, equipment that is more than just a phone or camera may have you flagged. One guest who runs a podcast had his podcast microphone in his bag, and was told he could not enter the park — even if he put his bag in a locker.

One guest who disobeyed the rule of not filming commercially ended up getting a trespass for life, and was escorted out of the most magical place on earth by the police.

Now, Disney fans are compiling a new list of things that should have you banned from Disney for life.

Some of these are new items to Disney’s pre-existing rules, while others will undoubtedly leave you with direct consequences. We will share the most common “rules” that fans listed out and explain to you if they are real rules that can have you kicked out or if they are just rules that fans made up but won’t serve to have a consequence.

  • Weapons, Drugs, Throwing Hands — Guests cannot enter the park with a weapon, and if they try to do so, police will be called immediately. Guests are also already not allowed to bring in drugs to the park, which will also end up with police involved depending on which Disney location. Guests are also not allowed to fight at the Disney parks. Fights have been breaking out a lot more, and we are seeing guests get lifetime bans while being removed from the premises by authorities. Below, you can see a man who was arrested for hitting a cast member after disobeying the now retracted mask mandate.

Man arrested in Disney Land, in front of his family, for shoulder checking cast member that asked him to wear a mask
byu/I_may_have_weed inPublicFreakout

  • Sexualizing characters — This is something we have seen often with the princesses, but according to one poster, “There was that TikToker that made that ongoing joke that he was sexually attracted to Officer Judy Hopps. He tried to buy a ticket recently, and they told him he needed to leave.” Be aware that treating any cast member poorly will not result in a magical ending.
  • Smoking — While smoking in the Disney parks may not get you a ban right away, you are not allowed to smoke inside the U.S. Disney parks as all smoking areas have been removed and relocated outside the parks.
  • Disability Access Service (DAS) Abuse — As we know, guests who lie to obtain a DAS pass at Walt Disney World and Disneyland will be banned from the parks for life.
  • Line jumping — You may not get a lifetime ban right away for this one, but jumping the line is not allowed. Disney is even going to soon have a sort of “Return to Line” pass for guests who need to get out of line and then return, so that others cannot just hop in the line without waiting.
  • Live-streaming –– Live streaming is 100% allowed at Disney World and Disneyland. While there are some rides that do not allow filming, the majority of them do. That being said, live-streaming is something that many guests have openly shared their anger toward, and with it having been banned at Tokyo Disney Resort, it would be interesting to see if the complaints ever force the American parks to also make a change.
  • Merchandise Resellers — If you are reselling merchandise from Disney, you will get a ban from the parks, especially if you are using an Annual Pass or Magic Key and obtaining a discount. Reselling items is not allowed.
  • Walking Slow — There is no place that guests have to keep up at Disney, and walking slow will never affect your place in the Disney parks, even if guests want to see a speed increase.
Crowds on Main Street U.S.A. at Disney World with Cinderella Castle in the background
Credit: Forsaken Fotos, Flickr
  • Offensive, Political, Racist Clothes — Nothing of this nature is allowed at Disney. The website notes that the following options are banned:
    • Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
    • Excessively torn clothing
    • Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment
    • Clothing that touches or drags on the ground
    • Clothing with multiple layers is subject to search upon entry
      Objectionable tattoos
  • Making Fun of Guests (Guests with Disabilities) — If you are treating another guest poorly and a cast member finds out, there is certainly a chance that they will reprimand you or remove you from the parks.
  • Farting — Of course, you are allowed to fart.
  • Screaming at Children — If you are screaming at your kids while at Disney, you will not be kicked out of the parks, but you certainly will cause a scene. If the yelling becomes too loud and crowd-controlling, Disney security may step in.
Disneyland officer badge
Credit: OC Weekly

Overall, guests should not ever try to intentionally break the rules while visiting the Disney parks if they wish to return.

What rules do you think that Disney should add to their “banned for life” list?


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