Police Officer Arrested at Disney World After Security Assault

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Disney World castle over police sign

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A Massachusetts police detective has been arrested at the Walt Disney World Resort after reportedly assaulting at least three people, including Disney security and a deputy sheriff.

The entrance to Walt Disney World Resort as seen through a car window
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It is, sadly, not particularly unusual for people to be arrested at Disney World. The combination of intense anticipation for the Disney experience, impatience and stress over the increasingly complicated rules and add-ons of the parks (not to mention the historically high expense), and now, the presence of alcohol, predictably can drive some individuals to actions they would not otherwise do. Then, the police get involved.

However, this particular incident is unusual in that police were involved on both sides of the arrest. Duane Danforth, a detective in the Brookline Police Department in Massachusetts, was arrested at Disney World (per NBC Boston) after trying to enter a private area at the EPCOT United Kingdom pavilion.

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According to reports, Danforth tried to enter a private event at EPCOT and was told by Disney security that he would have to go around the area; apparently, the Brookline police detective began removing the barrier ropes in an attempt to enter anyway.

Det. Duane Danforth, who was arrested at Disney World
Credit: Orange County Department of Corrections

After being told by security that he could not enter a second time, Danforth allegedly told a member of Disney security, “I am going to (expletive) kill you,” and pushed the guard aside. The detective (who was off-duty and presumably visiting Disney World on a personal vacation) entered the crowd of the private event while sheriff’s deputies were called.

Apparently, deputies found Danforth sometime later near a turnstile, where the Brookline man pushed one of them. The deputy in question is quoted as saying, “Duane intentionally struck me by pushing me away with his hands as I tried to communicate with him.

Danforth was arrested and is facing charges of battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting an officer without violence. He was also treated at a local hospital for minor injuries, presumably from his arrest. Members of Disney security say that Danforth was belligerent, appeared to be intoxicated, and was carrying a child on one arm at the time.

Mickey Mouse waving his hand in the air outside of EPCOT during the International Flower & Garden Festival in Disney World.
Credit: Inside The Magic

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The Brookline Police Department has put Danforth on administrative leave and issued a statement saying, “Police Chief Jennifer Paster reports that Detective Duane Danforth with the Brookline Police Department has been placed on paid administrative leave as a result of an incident that took place in the state of Florida while he was off duty.”

Detective Danforth has not made a public statement as of time of publication.

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