Disneyland’s Pixar Hotel Leaves Disney World in the Dirt

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Bing Bong outshines Minnie

Credit: Edited by Inside the Magic

The Pixar Place Hotel (formerly Pixar Pier) is the newest jewel at the Disneyland Resort, and it is a stunning love letter to all things under Disney’s sister studio. As thrilling as it is to see this celebration of Pixar’s greatest hits, the new hotel is yet another example of the California park receiving preferential treatment over its counterpart in Florida.

Pixar Place Hotel grand opening at Disneyland Resort
Credit: Disney

While Disneyland’s newest refurb gets the five-star treatment with a sparkly new resort complete with live music from Soul’s Joe Gardner and artifacts from the production work on films like Monsters Inc. (2001) and Turning Red (2022), the Walt Disney World Resort hasn’t seen a renovation or addition to Pixar Place’s scale since the Riviera Resort in 2019.

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One of the Disney Parks brand’s biggest assets is the dedication to immersion, and the difference between Disneyland and Walt Disney World is becoming increasingly evident with each new addition. While Disneyland’s hotel gets new characters and experiences, Disney World’s replaces theirs with cheesy photo booths.

Disneyland Additions Leave Disney World Wanting

Outside of the Pixar Hotel
Credit: Edited by Inside the Magic

While the previous statement might echo the gripings of jealous fans on the East Coast, there’s no denying that there is indeed a significant difference in the quality of life between Disney’s two American parks. The problem isn’t so much about the new hotel as it is a matter of more Disney magic in one place over the other.

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Guests stay in places like Pixar Place, Art of Animation, Pop Century, or even the All-Star Resorts because they want to be thoroughly and fully immersed in Disney’s animated environments. When was the last time the Florida Disney Park had experiences like the footage shared below?


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♬ original sound – Disney Parks

Having live music in your hotel’s lobby is one thing, but having it performed by a Disney character is a different matter altogether. Introducing Joe Gardner not just as a Meet and Greet character but as part of an environmental experience is something completely unique to Pixar Place, but the fun doesn’t stop there.


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♬ original sound – Disney Parks

Easily one of the most emotional additions, the hotel also has the first walk-around appearance of Inside Out’s Bing Bong. The imaginary friend is a resort exclusive to the Pixar Place Resort, and definitely something the resorts in Walt Disney World could only dream of.

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New characters and designs aside, this feels like salt in the wound given some of the recent new additions at Disney World’s hotels. While Disneyland gets two new characters at their resorts, already a rarity for the Florida parks, Disney World gets its Meet and Greet opportunities replaced by screens and augmented reality.

Not only that, but some of the recent refurbishments have left fans wanting, as seen with the Incredibles makeover at the Contemporary Resort. Disneyland might be the first born child of the Disney Parks name, but it’s not the only one that needs a little extra magic.

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