Op-Ed: Complacency Kills Disney World

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Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World are pioneers of the theme park world, and both are home to some of the most memorable and magical experiences in the industry. While both locations offer very similar rides, attractions, and opportunities, the difference between them is night and day.

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Disneyland will always have the advantage of being Walt’s original Park, and the Walt Disney World Resort is the bigger and more dynamic counterpart. However, recent events have shown that while the California Park continues to evolve, its Florida cousin is living off table scraps.

Disney World Dives, Disneyland Thrives

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Inside the Magic has reported on the various ways Disney has been short-changing the Parks before, but it might be a bigger issue than a matter of funding or interest from the corporate side. While Disneyland will always be iconic, Disney World has an arguably wider audience, but they’re settling for less.

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Walt Disney World was intended to be a Disney Park continuously in motion, that was what Walt himself planned for his “Florida Project.” Although much has been done in the name of progress for places like EPCOT and the resorts, they pale in comparison with Disneyland’s newer additions.

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Fans have definitely noticed a decline in quality at Florida’s Park as some Parks seem to be in a constant state of construction, food quality and aesthetic are taking a dive, and they’re consistently late to whatever party or event Disneyland kicks off. The sad fact of the matter is that most Guests simply accept it without a second thought.

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Disney World is unquestionably the bigger of the two, and the Magic Kingdom alone beat out Disneyland in terms of popularity according to Forbes. So why hasn’t Disney been giving it its due diligence?

Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom
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There’s a certain train of thought stating that Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and that Disney is providing the bare basics for that demographic. Disneyland and Disney World both have experiences like Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, and character interactions with Mickey and friends, but Disneyland definitely offers more than the standard package.

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A better explanation and illustration comes from an r/WaltDisneyWorld post regarding the absence of characters at the Florida Park. u/redoctober25 says it best when they write,

“Disneyland is more of a “locals” park… in order to keep the locals coming back regularly they have a wide assortment of characters for them to meet-n-greet with. On the flip-side, Walt Disney World is considered by brass to be a “once in a lifetime” (or at least once every four or five years) park. And guest going every five years want see traditional main characters. They don’t have time to meet a hundred different characters… so Disney puts those characters in various outfits (but still the main characters). It’s a terrible policy if that’s what they are doing…”

By that logic, guests content with the bare necessities of a Disney Park experience might be what’s keeping the Park from at least being on par with Disneyland’s progress. If Walt Disney’s motto was “Keep moving forward,” the Florida Park has been stuck in neutral for far too long.

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