Disney Adults Punished with Gross-Quality Food

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An example of bad Disney food

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Despite their completely innocent interest, Disney Adults have quickly become one of pop culture’s most ridiculed social groups. It’s not wrong to enjoy a Disney movie or a character in a normal capacity, but going to the Disney Parks without a family or children is apparently grounds for hazing and humiliation.

Mickey seen with Disney Adults
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While there have definitely been some cringe-worthy instances from the fandom, the sheer hatred Disney adults receive is downright malicious. One recent video not only points out how quickly social media can turn on the group, but  how Disney themselves are failing their biggest audience.

TikTok Laughs as Disney Adults Suffer


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WARNING: Video contains explicit language!

In @herrerashow’s defense, it’s easy to laugh at anyone, Disney Adults or otherwise, who takes themselves far too seriously. However, the video above definitely has a distinctly malicious cyber-bullying flavor about it. The user describes Guests being disappointed at increasingly upsetting stunt food as “a proper punishment for being a Disney adult,” but it looks like the ridicule is being directed at the wrong target.

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Disney World is a big place, and they feed thousands of people every day, including their own Cast Members. Not every meal is going to be magical, and that’s a fact. However, why are the Disney Adults getting the blame when they’re served low-quality food.

Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dog
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The Disney Parks are home to some incredible eats, but many have noticed a decline in quality in the past couple of years. Should we really be mocking and “punishing” adult Guests, or  should Disney take a long look at what they are serving their customers?

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The video above will definitely leave a bad taste in the mouths of many viewers, but it also points out where Disney has dropped the culinary ball. For a place with some of the best restaurants and dining experiences, they clearly need to reevaluate what they are selling on the quick-service side of things.

Are Disney Adults being “punished” or has Disney failed them? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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