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There are SO MANY dining options to choose from in EPCOT’s World Showcase, how will you know what the best pick is?

With the announcement of a brand new restaurant coming to the Japan pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase, it only adds another entry to the list of amazing dining options in the Park. Of the four Parks at Walt Disney World, EPCOT has some of the greatest and most interesting restaurants due largely to the inclusion of the World Showcase. Where else can you try authentic cuisine from Germany, Japan, Italy, and Morocco all on the same day?

But choosing which of EPCOT’s table service restaurants to dine at can be overwhelming. Although each restaurant is unique, they are not all made equal in terms of theming and quality. Let’s rank the table-service restaurants in the World Showcase from Worst to Best. For this list, we took reader opinion, internet reviews, and general Guest consensus all into consideration, so your favorite restaurant’s spot on the list may surprise you! We also won’t be including restaurants that haven’t opened or ones that are currently closed for refurbishment, like Tokyo Dining.

14. Nine Dragons Restaurant

nine dragons restaurant epcot
Credit: Disney

Now, there’s nothing really wrong with Nine Dragons, which is located in EPCOT’s China pavilion. If you’re looking for classic Chinese food, this is the place to be. The portions here are also fairly large, meaning it’s easy to share with your whole family. However, the dishes are pretty similar to what you’d find at your local Chinese takeout at home, meaning it’s usually a safe option for picky eaters, but you may want to try something more unique when you’re at EPCOT.

13. Tutto Italia

Tutto Italia
Credit: Disney

Located in Italy, this restaurant is considered to be the slightly more upscale of the two options offered in the pavilion. While it might be good for a date night, the restaurant comes with a hefty price tag, and frankly, many Guests don’t find the food quality to be as good as its next-door neighbor, which you’ll find further down the list.

12. San Angel Inn

epcot mexico pavilion
Credit: Disney

This restaurant inside the Mexico pavilion definitely gets massive points for its BEAUTIFUL interior – how many other places in Walt Disney World have you dining next to the waterways of a boat attraction? However, the beautiful pyramid is the most appealing thing here. Many Guests find the food to be incredibly inconsistent, and even when it’s good, it’s not that different from a standard Mexican restaurant you’d find in any other city.

11. Monsieur Paul

Monsieur Paul
Credit: Disney

Monsieur Paul’s ranking has nothing to do with the food quality and everything to do with practicality. This restaurant in the France pavilion offers a multi-course gastronomic French meal with wine pairings, which can be fantastic for a date or special occasion but is not practical for the average EPCOT Guest looking to experience the Park and ride attractions. If you’re not looking for a lengthy dining experience, no matter how delicious, you can skip this one.

10. Spice Road Table

naan spread at Spice Road Table
Credit: Disney

We consider Spide Road Table to be somewhat of a hidden gem. Located in the Morocco pavilion, this is a tapas-style restaurant serving Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The food is really delicious, AND you can get gorgeous views of EPCOT Forever if you time your dining correctly, but picky eaters may have some trouble here, and tapas can add up quickly price-wise.

9. Teppan Edo

Credit: Disney

Located on the second level of the Japan pavilion, Teppan Edo is perfect for those who want dinner AND a show. This traditional Japanese Hibachi meal is a blast for families, and the food is pretty great. Be advised that you WILL be seated with other families unless you have a big party, and if you frequent Hibachi, you won’t find anything too unique here.

8. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Belle and Guest at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
Credit: Disney

If you or your children are princess lovers, this Norway restaurant should rocket to number one on your list! Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is best known for its Disney Princess character dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which features a buffet of both Norwegian and American fare. The decor is pretty, and the Princesses are fun, but picky eaters may not enjoy some of the food. Breakfast is usually a safer option than lunch or dinner for the non-adventurous.

7. Takumi-Tei

Takumi-Tei Japan
Credit: Disney

Hands down the most elegant meal at EPCOT, this is a specialty restaurant in Japan that takes Guests through an omakase tasting menu – omakase meaning “leave it up to the chef.” The food is delicious, and the experience is amazing, but it’s a LONG meal with a hefty price tag of $250 a head. Save this for special occasions.

6. Biergarten

Biergarten restaurant
Credit: Disney

Biergarten in the Germany pavilion is an incredibly unique dining experience with beautiful theming and a show! This is an all-you-can-eat German buffet serving up classics like bratwurst and schnitzel that you can eat while listening to live polka. It’s a fantastic time and great for big parties, although the food is heavy and you could be seated with other families if you have a small party.

5. La Hacienda de San Angel

La Hacienda de San Angel
Credit: Disney

This restaurant is largely considered to be the better of the two in the Mexico pavilion. Waterside dining is flourished with well-made Mexican dishes and some more unique options than you’d find at San Angel Inn. The environment, while not as immersive, is also generally quieter and more relaxing.

4. Chefs de France

chefs de france
Credit: Diseny

This delicious restaurant in the France pavilion (who would have guessed?) offers some delicious classics like French Onion Soup and Beef Bourguignon in a casual yet elegant environment. The menu here is sure to please both picky and adventurous eaters alike, and the interior is charming and relaxing. While not super exciting, this is a great pick!

3. Rose and Crown Dining Room

rose and crown pub
Credit: Disney

This cozy pub in the United Kingdom pavilion scratches the itch for classic pub fare. This location serves up comfort classics like Bangers and Mash and Shepherd’s Pie, and even offers both live music and fireworks viewing! This place can get very busy, so make sure you book a reservation or try walking up to the nearby Rose and Crown Pub.

2. Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

via napoli
Credit: Disney

You can’t go wrong with Via Napoli, located in the Italy pavilion. This restaurant is best known for its pizza, being some of the best in Walt Disney World, and is great for families, couples, and pretty much any type of Guest. There are a few options outside of pizza, but you’re going to want to try it if you dine here. Trust us.

1. Le Cellier Steakhouse

Filet mignon on a plate with vegetables.
Credit: Disney

You probably saw this one coming. This small but cozy steakhouse in the Canada pavilion is widely regarded as being one of the best restaurants on Disney property. The steak cuts are amazing, and the accompaniments are delicious (you have to try the Cheddar Cheese Soup!). While it’s pricey, we consider it worth every penny.



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