Disney Is Taking Over Paris With Immersive Experience

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Disney friends being celebrated as Disney is taking over Paris with friendship

Credit: Disney

The city of love is in for a surprise as Disney is taking over Paris with a unique twist on celebrating friendship during Disney’s centennial.

Disney 100 L'Amitié c'est Merveilleux : l'expérience immersive et multisensorielle au Centquatre | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

So why throw the 100-year birthday bash away from Disney’s local theme park?

It’s an apparent effort to reach out, in the spirit of its friendship-themed celebration. Disney is taking over Paris through CentQuatre, with an event premiering on June 30, 2023.

Alice falling as Disney takes over Paris | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

This is unique venue in Paris nearby the Jardins d’Eole park in the northern part of the city. It usually offers theatre classes and a range of concerts and expos, but at the end of the, it’s going to get some extra magic.

The Friendship is Wonderful Disney experience features four dedicated areas, each paying respect to the core values of friendship. Each spot uses immersive features to bring different themes to life, engaging visitors as they walk through the attraction.

Disney brings in its core four: Alice in WonderlandLilo & StitchThe Lion King. Its coup de grâce lies in the iconic Disney friends: Minnie, Daisy, Mickey and Donald. Each of these fan favorites contributes to Disney taking over Paris with its special birthday magic.

Throughout the event, the focus stays on friendship, in all its forms. The first theme is connection, with guests mirroring Alice’s descent through the rabbit hole. As guests progress, the attraction uses each previous spot to fortify the next message. Next comes Ohana Bay, with surfing, and celebrating sisterly bonding.

Scene from Lion King Hakuna Matata | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

After chilling by the ocean, guests move to the safari-style Lion King attraction. Graphics of insects fleet about, allowing visitors to become part of the world.

It wouldn’t be complete without a rendering of Hakuna Matata, a musical tale of peace and acceptance. Finally, visitors get to actually interact with the likes of Minnie and Mickey Mouse through motion-sensor and live-animating tech.

Mickey Mouse
Credit: Disney

Snapchat partners with Disney taking over Paris with the goal of offering a truly authentic experience. The social media company generated specific lenses that reveal the characters throughout the event. Fans are already hitting up the virtual ticket booths, optimistic for the release. Will it hold up after the premiere? Only time will tell.

What do you think about Disney expanding its Paris reach with the Friendship is Wonderful attraction? Let Inside the Magic hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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