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A skeleton prop on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Resort, an attraction many Disney Parks fans wish filming was banned on.

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Disney Parks fans disagree on a lot, from Splash Mountain’s transformation into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to Lightning Lane vs. free FastPasses. But there’s nothing like shared hatred to bring people together, and one issue has united dedicated Disneyland Resort guests more than ever before: filming on attractions.

Disneyland Park and Disney California Park don’t explicitly ban recording or photography on most attractions–though guests are required to put all personal objects away on thrill rides like Space Mountain and Incredicoaster. Even when there are specific rules, like no flashes allowed, most guests don’t follow them.

Dad looking at daughter on Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort
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Shortly after floating the idea of a “phone-free day” at the Southern California Disney theme parks, fans discussed the issues cell phones cause on attractions. Sure, everyone is annoyed by a bright light in their faces on The Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean. However, recording rides can lead to more than just minor inconveniences.

Redditor u/ImFeelingTheUte-iest started Wednesday’s conversation with a question: “Why is it so hard for people to not use their phone on rides resulting in rides getting shut down?”

Holiday decorations shown on the outside front portion of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort in California.
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“It is the epitome of self-centered behavior resulting in significant inconvenience for others for a stupid insta post nobody but you cares about,” they added. “Stop.”

The post received hundreds of votes of support and comments.

“I wish they would just ban phones on rides altogether,” u/Orchid2113 wrote.

Mickey and Minnie on the Teacups at Disneyland
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“You don’t need to whip out your phone to film a jumbled clip that you’ll never watch again,” said u/xenojive.

Some commenters elaborated on the dangers of filming with cell phones on Disneyland Resort attractions.

“On the trackless rides, [Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance] and [Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway], if anything lands on the floor the ride gets shut down, takes about half an hour to get it up and running again,” u/DisDisDis23 explained. “[Cast Members] say it’s mostly hats and phones.”

Storm Troopers in Rise of the Resistance, one of the Disney attractions that many incidents took place on.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

“90% of the time a ride ‘breaks down’ it’s due to someone dropping something,” u/SoulMaekar confirmed. “It’s actually rare that a ride breaks down due to some sort of mechanical issue.”

“A Cast Member confirmed this,” u/tomkar60 echoed. “He said that 90% of shutdowns are caused by guest behavior.”

Filming still impacts other guests if attractions aren’t shut down over carelessly lost phones.

grizzly river run
Credit: Disney

“Even if they’re not dropping their phones on the ride they have the flash on while recording the ride and are blinding people as they wave their phones around,” u/trer24 said.

“Even if the flash is off, the screen is super bright,” u/InannaSedona replied. “I’ve been on so many rides or even worse, watching the beautiful, serene snowflakes dance down the castle at night, holding my daughter… caught up in the magic of the moment – then someone’s screen is 8 inches from my face cause they’re holding their phone up in the air right in front of me to film the ENTIRE show. Enjoy the magic of the moment for gods sake.”

Still, some Disney Park fans defended their right to enjoy their vacation as they pleased.

Two guests watch the fireworks nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Park.
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“I don’t do it for me, I do it for those who can’t be there,” u/Wooooowserz said. “And I’ve never once shut down a ride.”

“I’ll never forget my daughters first time on a ride at Disneyland and DCA because I filmed it,” u/formtuv added. “Who knows when we’ll be able to go again but to see her magical smile is something that can’t be captured again…Not all of us have passes and can go weekly/monthly.”

“Welcome to 2024 – we want a pic/vid of the ride we spent a million dollars to be on,” u/sandmd agreed.

Should Disneyland Resort ban filming and photography on rides? Has your experience ever been disrupted by another guest’s phone? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on personal Disney Parks guest experiences. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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