Guests Pulled From Water During Disney Jungle Cruise Accident

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Photo of a sunken boat on Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.

Credit: @waltdisneyworldparks (Right)

A legendary Disneyland ride got stuck, leaving guests stranded in the water.

Credit: ITM

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The Disneyland Resort is home to some of the best and most beloved theme park rides, attractions, and experiences in the world. While the rest of the Disney parks and resorts may feature the same rides, the Disneyland Resort has all of the originals, and that’s worth a lot in its own right. At “The Happiest Place on Earth,” guests will find the superior versions of the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, “it’s a small world,” and Peter Pan’s Flight, as well as some unique experiences like Matterhorn Bobsleds and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

There’s just something extra magical about the original Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California and while we’re huge fans of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, we have to admit that Disneyland is special in its own way.

One of the other iconic Disneyland attractions is Jungle Cruise, a ride that has been copied many times.

Jungle Cruise sign
Credit: Disney

The original Jungle Cruise at Disneyland’s Adventureland is a fantastic experience that will surely make you laugh. The attraction features a sarcastic and witty tour guide who guides you through “the world’s most remote rivers.” During your journey, you may encounter some dangerous and exotic animals as well as run into other explorers.

Highlights of your unforgettable adventure include:

  • Ancient Cambodian Shrine
    Come face-to-face with leaping tigers, lethal cobras and snapping crocodiles.
  • Jungle Cruise Safari Camp
    Cruise past a former camp overrun by explosively curious gorillas.
  • Indian Elephant Bathing Pool
    Venture into this sacred pool where you’ll see bathing Indian elephants. Feel free to take pictures—they have their trunks on.
  • The African Veldt
    Behold angry hippos and hungry lions guarding a sleeping zebra.
  • Schweitzer Falls
    Be awed as you take in a true natural wonder—the back side of water!
Jungle Cruise Disneyland
Credit: Psychosisblue / Flickr

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The attraction has become synonymous with the Disney parks, with The Walt Disney Company attempting to cash in on the success of the ride by releasing a feature-length film based on the ride. In 2021, Disney released its Jungle Cruise film, which starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt. This is far from Disney’s first attempt to create a film based on a theme park ride, with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise kicking things off in the early 2000s. Disney’s most recent attempt to bring a theme park ride to life was with 2023’s Haunted Mansion.

While neither Jungle Cruise nor Haunted Mansion received the immediate praise and box office success of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, these movies are incredibly fun and enjoyable, especially if you’re a Disney Park superfan.

Unfortunately, the Jungle Cruise attraction was cut short for certain guests after the entire boat got stuck in the water.

As reported by Apple News, guests experiencing Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise got stuck mid-ride, with their boat becoming immovable.

Monkey animatronics take over a white boat on the Jungle Cruise.
Credit: Disneyland Resort

Video from the incident shows multiple Disneyland cast members attempting to move riders along the attraction’s track with help from a second boat towing them. Cast members can be heard discussing an issue regarding a “service engine,” as guests are pulled by ropes.

“We’re going to go ahead and continue our journey. You’re going to feel a slight tug,” the cast member tells the stuck guests. “No worries, guys, here we go. We’re now under someone else’s power. We’re saving gas.”

Walter Elias Disney with a Pre-Opening Map of Disneyland
Credit: Disney

This is certainly not something you see every day at the Disneyland Resort, and while this may have been slightly scary for some, this is an incredibly cool and rare experience. Typically, when guests have to evacuate a ride or attraction, they are given a free pass that allows them to skip the standby line for certain other attractions.

Jungle Cruise was an opening day attraction for the Disneyland Resort, which opened all the way back in 1955. The ride has entertained millions of guests and can now be found across the globe, with locations at Walt Disney World in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland in Japan, and Hong Kong Disneyland in China.

Do you enjoy Jungle Cruise at Disneyland? What’s your favorite classic Disney attraction?

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