Disney World Character Speaks After Splash Mountain Exile

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Even one year after its official last ride, Splash Mountain circulates the newsfeeds. Although the beloved log flume ride has since been shut down at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, its controversial lead character just broke his silence after a year outside the briar patch.


It’s been one year since the final guests got to ride Splash Mountain before it began its transformation into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure #tianasbayouadventure #princessandthefrog #distok #disneyimagineering #magickingdom #splashmountain #disneyrides #foryou

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In the video, Br’er Rabbit shares a reflection of his time spent at the beloved Disney ride, as well as the aftermath of its eventual closure and plans for the future. As Tiana moves in and all the critters move out, what does this mean for Br’er Rabbit and his pals?

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It seems that @waltdisneyworldparks is serving up a dish of fan service with this parting message from Br’er Rabbit, but more observant Disney fans will notice that there’s more to it than a funny voice and a heartfelt message. The characters are definitely doing more than brushing up on their Japanese.

Splash Mountain, One Year Later

Splash Mountain sinage outside of the ride
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January 22, 2023 was the official last operation day for Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. As pointed out in the video above, hundreds of guests flooded Frontierland for one last trip down the falls with Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, Br’er Bear and all the rest of the animatronic critters and characters that called the ride home for decades.

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As excited as many fans are about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure taking over, the decision to do so doesn’t come without a heaping helping of controversy in tow. After reportedly closing due to”racial stereotypes,” fans have been in mourning for the original ride after being such a massive Disney park mainstay.

Splash Mountain interior
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Splash Mountain’s closure left many fans heavily criticizing Disney for catering to a woke vocal minority, as well as abolishing characters with historical significance in and out of Disney. However, that doesn’t go unnoticed by Br’er Rabbit.

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The video subtly addresses both the admiration for the ride, its reception. However, it also speaks on the effect that it had on its fans, as well as a beacon of hope for Disney fans overseas.

As Br’er Rabbit states, “If you wanna come visit us again, we’re out in Tokyo, Japan learning our Japanese. We hope to see you there!” Splash Mountain supporters still have one location left for a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah day at Tokyo Disneyland.

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