Six Flags Planning Massive Park Expansion in California

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Guests riding Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Credit: Six Flags

After reports of the demolition of a longstanding attraction, it seems that one Six Flags theme park in California is planning a massive expansion.

six flags magic mountain
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One of the biggest themes for American theme parks in the past year is the construction of new attractions. Most famous is the retheming of Splash Mountain in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort. Universal is also going all out with an entirely new Park, Epic Universe, in Universal Orlando Resort and a new Fast & Furious ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is yet another Southern California amusement park with massive construction on its way. Not only are they building solar panels to power the entire park, but there have been reports of demolishing the beloved Golden Bear Theater. Now, according to one theme park influencer, there are more details about the future park expansion.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Walling Off Multiple Attractions For Reported Park Expansion

The Golden Bear Theatre at Six Flags Magic Mountain
Credit: America’s Coaster Network

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As reported recently, Six Flags Magic Mountain has filed all the necessary paperwork for the demolition of the Golden Bear Theatre, a performance venue that has been at the park since it opened in 1971. Now, more details regarding the purpose of the demolition have been revealed.

According to a YouTube video uploaded by theme park and Halloween influencer Park Journey, demolition begins on January 16, 2024, with walls going up between the Full Throttle roller coaster and Pistachio Park, just outside Bugs Bunny World. The area in question is highlighted in yellow on the following map of Magic Mountain.

A map of Six Flags Magic Mountain with the area that will be closed off for construction highlighted in yellow.
Credit: Six Flags, Edited By Inside The Magic

There are currently no specifics regarding what will replace the Golden Bear Theater. However, most fans think it will be a new roller coaster, specifically a giga roller coaster like Millennium Force at Cedar Point, Orion at Kings Island, or Fury 325 at Carowinds.

This theory was somewhat supported by something Park Journey overheard on their trip: “We have to compete with Fast and Furious.” This is referring to the previously mentioned Fast & Furious roller coaster coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in the near future.

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However, given the proximity to Bugs Bunny World, there is a chance it can be an expansion to that area or even a completely new land, although there isn’t much area to work with. Magic Mountain could even try to expand the track for Full Throttle. Anything at this point is speculation, but there’s no doubt theme park fans will hear something soon.

Inside The Magic reached out to Six Flags Magic Mountain for comment.

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